10 Style Lessons from Bettie Page


how to dress like Bettie Page with 10 style lessons from Bettie Page

I missed my 10 Style Lessons post last month so let's pick up where we left off with a bang! Today, we'll explore the scandalous style of Bettie Page. Although Bettie is most often pictured in lingerie (or less) the modern pin up girl can add a little classic Bettie to her wardrobe with a more modest twist. Here's how:

1.) pink chiffon bow- Bettie was often photographed with a flirty bow in her hair. I love the puffy look of a chiffon head scarf.

2.) a signature hairstyle- Bettie's jet black waves and iconic bangs completed her look. Like all of the best pin up girls, practice one style that you can get right every time.

3.) leopard print anything- nothing says "fierce" like leopard or cheetah print. Do it with a scarf, cardigan, purse, belt- anything!

4.) always a smile- the best thing about Bettie is that she really knew how to have fun, no matter what she was doing.

5.) fearless lingerie- Bettie often made her own lingerie and photo shoot costumes. This phone costume ensemble is one of my favorites!

6.) pencil skirts show off your wiggle in a curve-hugging pencil skirt, paired with a simple blouse or sweater.

7.) long black gloves- Bettie was rarely photographed without a pair of long back gloves. It takes guts to pull off but Dita (who draws a lot of inspiration from Bettie) often pairs them with a dark day dress or blouse and they look incredibly elegant.

8.) patent leather accessories- This bad girl was the queen of leather....but not in a wearing it while going grocery shopping kind of way, if you get my drift. Try patent leather in a belt, shoe or classic vintage handbag that you really can wear anywhere.

9.) classic pumps- Bettie had quite a collection of specialty shoes for her films and photo shoots, many made for her by clients wanting something exotic and strange but a modern day pin up girl can never go wrong with classic black pumps, peep toes or sling-backs. Her high heels were made for pain but we should always wear heels within our comfort zone. There's nothing alluring about a girl limping around from too-high heels! 

10.) a fun loving attitude- Photographers loved working with Bettie because her personality really showed through in her photos.Learn more about the fascinating life of the girl that lit up the camera with interviews from Bettie, her friends and photographers in the documentary, Bettie Page Reveals All.

how to dress like Bettie Page


  1. Fab post! I don't really know much about Bettie, but of course I've seen lots of photos so she's a very recognisable figure. I think I'll delve in a bit and learn some more about her!

  2. I just found a leopard print t-shirt this weekend. Totally thought of Bettie Page when I bought it.

  3. I tremendously enjoyed this post! And I absolutely love wearing long black leather gloves, and Dita was my inspiration for this.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I love your Style Lessons, you always nail it completely. :)

  5. Fantastic top ten list. You really captured her iconic style to a tee here.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I love her image and style so much, but it sounds like her life was quite tragic really :(

  7. Love this post. You have kept me reading for 5 years! Would you consider a post on items women had in their purses in the 1950s? I love all those patent leather and box purses during that period. They were so dainty.

    1. definitely! That's a great idea!! I once found the cutest little vintage phone book for a lady to keep in her purse. Something we definitely don't do today!

  8. How can I get a pin up image at 64yrs old? I'm not going to grow old without kicking and screaming lol! Please help!!


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