Last weekend, we had my niece spend the night. We had a balloon party with glow sticks in the basement with popcorn and movies all night long. The next morning was so beautiful that I had the idea to walk to the park and let them burn off some energy at the playground.

 The park is right next to the Missouri River. The water level has been a bit low for a while, allowing some rocky and sandy spots to stay dry so we climbed down a steep hill to get to the river's edge for an afternoon of play.

The kids had a blast digging in the sand and mud and finding fossils in the layers of rock. By the time we all got home and took our muddy shoes off, we were all ready for a nap.

flannel skirt-made by me
knit top- thrifted
vintage cardigan-thrifted
boots- Modcloth
angora beret-estate sale