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8 Steps to Modern Cinderella Style

Friday, March 6, 2015

8 steps to modern cinderella style

While catching up on laundry and thinking about my spring cleaning plan of attack, I'm sympathizing with a certain fairytale princess this week. It's easy to sit around in yoga pants but I get more work done when I'm dressed for the job. Whether working hard or sneaking out for a night with Prince Charming, here are 8 steps to Modern Cinderella Style.

Cinderella Concept art by Mary Blair
Cinderella Concept Art by Mary Blair

Cinderella Concept art by Mary Blair
Cinderella concept art by Mary Blair

1.) Shabby (and Chic!) day dresses

2.) unforgettable shoes

3.) clear as glass accessories

4.) get ready with the help of forest animals

5.) keep an eye on the clock

6.) dreamy dresses

7.) travel in style

8.) A crown for every day

5 Responses to “8 Steps to Modern Cinderella Style”

  1. My favourites fairy tale for sure. All girls are princesses, big and little ones alike and we should dress the part. Great post!

  2. Such a cute theme. :) I hope you soon go on a date with your prince charming. ;)

  3. Seriously charming idea for a post. Cinderella has always been amongst my favourite fairy tales, as it is for many, and my inner five year old let out a squeal when I heard about the latest big screen adaptation a few months ago. She came out, along with my grownup fashionista side, in full force this delightful post as well.

    Have a terrific weekend!
    ♥ Jessica


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