For those who don't follow on Instagram and Facebook, I colored my hair red late last week. I had red hair for a while through middle school and high school and I really love it.

Speaking of things I love, I recently discovered that I live like 20 minutes from the Tatyana Outlet store! Tatyana was formerly Bettie Page Clothing. I heard that they opened a Bettie Page outlet in the area ages ago and I finally stopped in a just before Memorial Day. I don't usually buy repro because it's ridiculously priced but they had a huge sale so I picked up this dress and a really cute sailor style top for less than $30. If you come to St Louis, be sure to stop at the outlet.

Oh, I'm rocking the ACE bandage because I slipped on the side porch last week after spraying some sun block on the kids. I came in the house to grab their swimsuits and after spraying that stuff on the kids there was slippery residue on the porch. One leg went one way and one leg went the other! I thought I had broken something for sure but it's on the mend and now everyone gets the sunblock spray in the grass.

This weekend, we're taking the little ones on their first camping trip so stay tuned for that plus how to make bacon and eggs in a paper bag and easy camp fire breakfast donuts!

Dress- Tatyana
cardigan- thrifted
black flats- walmart
glamorous ACE bandage-Walgreens