Husbands of bloggers really should have a holiday of their own. Pj does so much to help support this blog and honestly, if it wasn't for his help, I would have never started writing Va-Voom Vintage. He takes my outfit pictures, wrangles the kids while I do tutorials, helps me figure out technical things and encourages me in my projects and writing. He restrains me from throwing the computer out the window when it's giving me trouble and stays up till the wee hours helping print last minute business cards before a conference.

RedEnvelope celebrated the men behind the blogger with Father's Day and they contacted me recently to choose something special for Pj for all of the wonderful work that he does.

RedEnvelope is the go-to website for high quality beautiful gifts and best of all, everything comes lovingly gift wrapped in their signature red box. Pj was so surprised when he got home to find this gorgeous box with a big white grosgrain bow waiting for him.

Pj is a man of many unconventional hobbies, which makes shopping for him really fun. He brews beer and wine and makes cheese. He's a leather worker, blacksmith, gaming nerd, bookworm and outdoor adventurer. Most often, he comes home from work after a crazy day and loves to unwind by cooking. He makes gorgeous breads, creamy sauces and the absolute best tirimisu that I've ever had. For his gift, I chose a Himalyan Sea Salt block. I've never heard of such a thing but it was so pretty and unique and I knew he'd get a kick out of it!

This natural salt is found in the Himalayan mountains. You can use it for grilling, curing, stove top or oven cooking and even serve ice cream on it! Any food served on the plate will take on the rich natural salty flavor. It's re-usable and will eventually crack and break, to be used as table salt, brine for cooking or sprinkled in a hot bath.

For our first salt block experiment, Pj grilled shrimp skewers, which were wonderful!

You wouldn't think that a big chunk of salt would be such an awesome gift but he couldn't stop raving about how cool it is! He even had to snap a pic to text to his mom.

I was so happy with Pj's gift that my sister and I picked out a beautiful personalized beer pitcher for our step dad for Father's Day. I included a personalized card and had it delivered to him before he left town to visit his dad on Father's Day. Mom called me as soon as the truck pulled up and he was absolutely thrilled with his new pitcher and the exquisite quality. Mom texted me a few photos right after he opened it.

Thanks to RedEnvelope for perfect Father's Day gifts for my fellas!

*Disclosure: Salt Plate provided courtesy of RedEnvelope. Va-Voom Vintage is not an affiliate of RedEnvelope. All opinions and reviews on this blog are my own*