Okay girls, I am -so- excited about this! My dear friend Anna from Mrs Depew Vintage is hosting a contest on her blog, A Few Threads Loose to name her new dress form!

Anna and I are both big fans of giving silly, inappropriate names to things so we want you to get your minds a -little- dirty (but not too dirty!) and give Anna's new lady a fabulously tacky and hilarious name. One of my plus sized mannequins is named "Busty McChesterly", which is what a boy in high school called me to upset me but instead made me almost squirt soda out my nose!

The judges include Anna, her friend Becky, Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons and myself. I'm already having a great time reading the entries so pop over to A Few Threads Loose and give us something to snicker about!

The winner of the Name That Dress Form Contest will win $30 to Anna's fab etsy shop. And while I'm on the topic, look at the beauty that I got from her shop the other day. Corselette pattern $7.50 at Mrs Depew Vintage

You lovely ladies can save 15% off at Mrs Depew Vintage with code VAVAOOM15