Royal Bank Branch, Notre Dame Street, Montreal, QC, 1911 via We Heart Vintage

 Happy Halloween to everyone! I'm spending the day watching my favorite Castle Ghosts documentaries this morning (thank you, You Tube!) and we're taking the kiddies trick or treating tonight.

Last year, I shared a personal spooky story and since everyone enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd share another.

 Since Pj and I started dating, we loved to go antique shopping. We have so many wonderful shops in the area and sometimes we like to visit Alton, Illinois shops. Alton is a beautiful old town just on the other side of the Mississippi River. It's an amazing place for vintage lovers and if you enjoy old buildings, you must visit. The cemetery, which sits on a hill above the city is vast and beautiful. There are several blocks of quaint little shops selling handmade pottery from river clay, handmade jewelry, gifts, art and antiques. Alton is also known for several spooky locations and ghost tours throughout the year.

downtown Alton with the Mississippi River nearby

One afternoon in early fall, we parked the car and went walking down the street visiting a shop here and there. We stopped at one called Prairie Peddler Antiques that we have never been to before. They had some very old late 1800's butter churns and a baby cradle outside so we went in to check it out. Pj loves Civil War era antiques and this shop had a bunch. We admired some beautiful kitchenware, book shelves and clocks before heading upstairs to check the wares on the second floor.

Prairie Peddler, the building on the left, during a severe flooding

As we reached the top of the stairs, I felt winded and very hot with a burning feeling in my throat. I thought wow, I must be really out of shape because it was only about 7 or 8 stairs! There were a few other shoppers poking around and I followed Pj while I tried to catch my breath. After a few minutes, the feeling faded and we shopped around, looking at some old books to add to our collection. Near the stairs was a very old 4 post bed frame with a carved headboard that was very beautiful. As I walked closer to admire it, I felt the heat and the burning feeling again. My throat tightened like someone was trying to choke me and I felt panicked like I had to get out of there. Pj also looked uneasy and I said "Let's go right now." and we headed down the stairs.

 McPike Mansion, a favorite destination of paranormal enthusiasts in Alton

As soon as I started to go down the stairs, I felt fine again. I stopped for a moment, edged my way back up the stairs and the moment my feet touched the top stair I felt hot. We ran down the stairs, out the door and never went back.

I don't know if it was the building or maybe even that old bed but we haven't been brave enough to go back yet. Have you ever experienced a haunting?

You can visit Prairie Peddler Antiques at 413 E. Broadway Alton Illinois

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