In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I'd share my own vintage ghost story. I've lived in some pretty spooky old houses, worked for a few years in the basement of an old asylum and have experienced lots of bizarre things in general, so I'd not afraid to say that I totally believe in the paranormal!

 We all get attached to objects in life. Something was a special gift or was bought for an important occasion or held important memories. Through years of antique shopping, looking at other people's important possessions, Pj and I both have had some pretty strange experiences.

 Some of you may remember, back in April, the family and I went to a great estate sale on a rainy Saturday. It was a cute mid century house, loaded to the brim with exquisite furniture, appliances and fashion items from the 50's and 60's.  Pj held Rhys and Olivia came with me. Her and I headed straight to the bedroom to find the fashion things. In the bedroom, I was looking through gloves and scarves when Olivia looked at me and said "Mommy, this is Grandma's room." I was shocked because she has never said the word "grandma" before. She has a "Granny" and "Mee-maw" but no grandma. There were no photos in the room to indicate that an old lady had lived in the house. I ignored it, at the time, picking 2 scarves, a fur collar cardigan and a purse and heading to the basement with Pj and Rhys

my purse from the estate sale

In the basement, I spotted this perfect atomic floor lamp. I had been looking for a great lamp that the kids couldn't break and since this one was metal, I thought it was perfect! I bought the lamp, a 50's swim cap, a purse and scarf. The swim cap was a really cool addition to my hat collection and the new lamp was an amazing find for $15.

 For three days, no one could sleep. Pj and I both had nightmares and Olivia crawled into bed with us every night.

One afternoon, while washing dishes, Olivia came into the kitchen and casually said "Grandma's here". Again, surprised by her saying "Grandma" I calmly said "Honey, no one is here, it's just me, you and Rhysie."
she said, "Grandma is here. She's in the living room."
  I got a cold chill and wiped my soapy hands on my apron. We went to the living room and I asked her,
"Where is Grandma?"
Olivia pointed to the couch, but no one was sitting there.
 "What does grandma look like?" I asked.
Olivia said,  "She has hair...and black hands. She's a nice lady."

I immediately called my mom, who has dealt with these things many times before. The house was blessed the next day and "Grandma" was sent packing. That night, we all slept well for the first time in a week. I still have my cute lamp, scarf and such and Olivia hasn't talked about Grandma since but when I look at those things, I still remember our extra accessory that we brought home from an estate sale.

                             Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had a unique experience?