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This weekend, I decided to go adventuring through the trees and meadows on mom's new property. There are so many beautiful wildflowers, interesting trees and animals to scout out. I wore my Wearing History jeans, which are one of my new favorite things.

The pattern was a perfect fit for me and needed no alterations at all. From cut to finishing, I sewed these in an afternoon while the kids were napping. I love them so much, I want to make several more pairs before cold weather gets here. They'd be great in corduroy, gabardine, linen for spring and of course, every shade of denim!

I swear, this has been the weekend for trying out unworn items. I bough this shirt ages ago, which originally was a 1960s house dress thing. It zipped up the front, with pockets on each hip and was about a foot too sort for my liking so I turned it into a shirt, which I have worn once. I don't know why I shoved this into the back of my closet. It's so cute and comfortable and can be worn with anything. This weekend, I paired it with a scarf that doesn't get much play.

My red boots make their blog debut today. I thrifted these at the new St Louis Savers thrift store last fall.

shirt- thrifted, altered by me
Wearing History Jeans- made by me with Wearing History jeans pattern
scarf- gift from my friend, Amanda
acorn brooch- Luxulite
blue stripe socks- Target
red boots- Thrifted, Savers
hat- borrowed from Pj


  1. Those boots are making me knees go weak, goodness, what an awesome thrifting find. They look so incredibly at home in a woodland setting, especially one on the cusp of turning into autumn. Perfect outdoor ensemble - I wish I oxblood boots so I could follow your sartorial lead here.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I want to go to Vintage Camp if you're the counselor! :D That acorn brooch simply makes the whole outfit, IMO.

  3. Lovely pictures! The boots are a great glimpse into a fall wardrobe. I think a lot of us are beginning to think about this:)

  4. You look so cute!!! That tree eating that sign is super awesome!

  5. The tree ate the "No Hiking" sign? Ha! I love it! And you look like you're ready to tag along with Indiana Jones.
    And those jeans are awesome. I've got a vintage pattern for pants and have thought about saving up and getting the Wearing History pattern, but am afraid of sewing pants for myself (oddly I sew them for my kids?). I may have to go and buy some denim now. Did you use a certain weight of denim? And did you use a serger or a regular sewing machine? Just curious, because I don't have a serger.

    1. no serger, I don't have one either! I don't recall what weight of denim this is either. I bought it at Walmart a few months ago :)

    2. Thanks. Yay! Glad to know I won't need a serger. Our local Walmart stopped selling fabric :(
      I will be definitely getting some denim now. Thanks again for all the inspiration!

    3. oh man! Mine did for about 2 years and then they got it back! What's with that?! I also buy it from JoAnne's with that 50% off coupon :)

  6. I love your outfit; it's perfect for a day out in the woods!! and your red boots look like they were a great score!

    1. I wanna go to Vintage Camp, too!! I totally missed that comment! lol!!

  7. Brittany,
    Tell your mom I adore her new property - its spaceous, it has a meadow (I doubt I'll be the only one thinking there's a bit of "Jane Austin"-ism in it, too) :)
    Again, me about you accessoirs - lovely acorn brooch.


  8. Gorgeous! I am so inspired by you! I swear I'm going to try and finally learn how to sew! We'll see how that goes! ;) HA!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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