Sewing patterns from How to Marry a Millionaire from Va-Voom

I first saw How to Marry a Millionaire on a snowy day several years ago. It snowed so bad that Pj was home from work. On snow days, I make a big batch of cinnamon rolls and we watch Marilyn Monroe movies.

How to Marry a Millionaire is one of my favorites. I love romantic comedies and there are many laugh-out-loud moments and beautiful 1950s fashions. Today, we look at PDF sewing patterns from Mrs Depew Vintage so you can sew your own How to Marry a Millionaire fashions. By the way, for you ladies with Netflix streaming, it's on right now!

how to marry a millionaire loco dempsey betty grable costumes sewing patterns from mrs depew vintage
 Loco Dempsey wears a lot of high collar, full skirt day dresses in the film but her most iconic outfit is the fashion show play suit. Create your own with Mrs Depew's 1950s blouse, beach shorts and a wide belt from her 1940s belt collection. Finish it off with a matching scarf. For an evening look similar to Loco's pink gown, try this 1950s evening gown with or without the extra skirt overlay.
how to marry a millionaire pola debevoise marilyn monroe costumes sewing patterns from mrs depew vintage

It seems like Pola Debevoise has the most outfit changes in the film. Every scene is a new look for Pola. Kelly Thomas replicated Marilyn's iconic red swim suit using Mrs Depew's 1001 swim pattern. Try a sultry white curve hugging evening gown with pattern 7112 and accessorize any outfit with a chic handmade beret using 1022. Mrs Depew's 1950s evening gown 5712 is a dead ringer for this sexy shimmering evening gown. Simply remove the shoulder sash and replace with a diagonal band to attach in the back. One of my favorite outfits of Pola's only gets a few minutes of viewing and most of the time she's laying down. Next time you watch it, pause it when she runs through the door so you can take a few minutes to admire this emerald beauty. The 1950s cocktail dress pattern 3015 has a similar shape and neckline to this stunning dress.

how to marry a millionaire schatze page lauren bacall costumes sewing patterns from mrs depew vintage

 By day, she's practical and no-nonsense and by night, she's timelessly elegant. Schatze Page is determined to marry a millionaire and be set for life. With autumn weather around the corner, her yellow sweater and full wool skirt is a perfect, casual 1950s ensemble but Schatze adds high class with a luxurious scarf. For her wedding, she wears a simple but shapely lace dress with sleek lines and frill around the collar. Mrs Depew's 1930s evening gown is perfect for this look and is still a style that's relevant in the modern world. For evening allure and to catch a weathy man, Schatze wears a sheer black gown with an ultra feminine deep neckline, very much like Depew's draped blouse pattern 3007 (pdf version here). Pair this blouse with a circle skirt in the same fabric and flower corsage at the hip.

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