Good morning, lovelies! I'm cleaning house and packing bags today to prepare for a wonderful 3 day weekend at my mom's new home in the country.

We're going to fish and play in the river and drink iced tea on the porch and it will be a wonderful time. I'm having a hell of a time packing- what to wear?! I need to mend my 50s swimsuit, adjust the collar on a dress I wanted to bring and pack my Wearing History overalls for sure. Oh, maybe my wearing history jeans will finally make their debut!

Anyway, I thought I'd leave you today with a lovely pin curl set from one of my vintage magazines. I love to try to recreate these, although they usually need the right cut to get the same look but its fun to see what pin curl sets look like on different lengths and get inspired by these old looks. This set is from American Hairdresser Magazine May 1953. I love all of the old ads in these mags, don't you?

If you need help with your pin curl sets, see my tutorials page, which includes Pin Curls 101, Pin Curl Basics and sets for Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth looks.

1950s pin curl set
1950s pin curl set how-to

1950s pin curl set

1950s dress advertisement

1950s Rita Hayworth

1950s Coty ad