A Very 50's Easter


1950s plus size summer easter dress with peter pan collar and full skirt via va-voom vintage

1950s plus size summer easter dress with peter pan collar and full skirt wicker purse with lucite handle via va-voom vintage

After Easter morning at our house, we went to my grandma Marmar's house for a late lunch. Marmar lives in a classic 50's ranch house with much of the retro decor that she had ages ago. The kids loaded up on more chocolate than you could shake a stick at.

In the grand old tradition of holidays at Marmar's house, my little Rhyster Bunny had a sink bath after enjoying his chocolate treats. No mother of toddlers should ever wear white without some sort of protection.  I brought an apron along to avoid smears of melted chocolate all over my dress while I gave The Beast a good scrub down.

Mom made this gorgeous broken glass Jell-O, recipe from The Food Librarian, which is an amazing food blog!

Marmar has a beautiful garden and all of the flowers are starting to bloom. Tulips are among my favorite flowers.

And finally, my Easter dress! I made this dress using a vintage pattern. The skirt was originally an A-line but I really wanted to use this gorgeous dotted swiss fabric and have a floaty full skirt. I cut the skirt out twice and gathered it to fit the bodice. The sweetest detail is in the vintage bow-shaped buttons from Bumbershoot Supplies on etsy.

     Dress-handmade by me
            vintage straw hat- Brenda Sue's Warrenton, MO
red bird brooch- Broesj
50's cateye glasses-Dead Men's Spex
Various bakelite/lucite bracelets


  1. Lovely photo's Brittany, looks like a wonderful day. I cant believe you made that dress, so beautiful (I wish I had half your sewing skills lol)

  2. You really look so beautiful Brittany, that totally looks like a vintage dress, just beautiful!

  3. Excellent work on the easter frock. I had many sewing plans for this long weekend but I am sick. I have some dotted swiss just like that however I was planning on a check skirt as the weather here is turning. Maybe I will follow your lead in the springtime.. I love it

  4. It looks like you had an amazing day!!!

  5. You look as sweet and beautiful as a fresh cherry blossom, dear Brittany. Fantastic job with the dress - those buttons couldn't possibly get any cuter!

    Wishing you a gorgeous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Love it! Your whole ensemble is just darling! And I adore the fact that you brought an apron! I felt bad for not helping with the food at my mil's yesterday but I didn't want to splash anything on my dress. Must make a fab apron before the next family holiday gathering!

  7. Ohh love your dress! You look so lovely. I think I'm in love with your hat! Too cute.


  8. Oh so pretty Brittany! Tha dress came out amazing! I love Rhys in the sink-classic and such a kodak moment hehehe xox

  9. LOVE the dress! So darling!


  10. You look soooo beautiful! And the dress looks completely authentic!

  11. wow, you look beautiful! sounds like a lovely Easter!!

  12. Glorious dress!!! And I love the sink bath pic - looks like he had a grand old time chowing down on some choc! :)

  13. Such lovely photos and you look gorgeous in that dress! Such a cute sink bath photo, that has made me smile! XxxX

  14. Hi Brittany - what a surprise to see the swallow brooch you bought at Broesj featured on your (beautiful!) easter outfit. Amazing! :) I LOVE to see broesj-brooches being 'well taken care of', especially pinned on such a gorgerous handmade vintage dress.
    Thank you!
    Furthermore I love all the summery/spring pictures of your nice easter holidays.

    Many kind regards and sweet greetings,

  15. That dress is really lovely! Do use it all summer! :)

  16. Oh my goodness that peter pan collar! It is the quintessential dress! I love love love it!


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