Review: Pretty Vintage Panty Girdle from Leonisa


Thank you everyone for your comments on this week's affordable vintage lingerie US and UK posts. Today, I have a review of another beautiful piece of vintage style lingerie from Leonisa. and yes, ladies- they do ship internationally!
I've tried several modern high-waist panty girdles and haven't found any that really foot the bill. They roll down, ride up and let's face it, don't look very cute at all! I was contacted by Leonisa to sample one of their products and fell in love with the look of their vintage lace collection.

I chose the Vintage Lace Hi-Waist Control Panty in fuchsia firm control
This panty girdle features sheer elastic lace in a french net pattern, reminiscent of vintage millinery veil. The lace is sheer on the derriere so the rear is lifted, not flattened while the rest is layered with black mesh for firm control. The waist band is enforced with a non-slip band so it -really- does not roll and there is an adjustable hook and eye closure for easy access in the ladies room.


I wore the panty girdle all day while doing my normal daily tasks- blogging, washing dishes, lounging on the couch with the kids and putting laundry away. Through all of the movements of walking, bending, crouching, sitting, laying the girdle stayed put. I'm actually really surprised because so far, the only stay-put shape wear that I've found has been a vintage girdle. In the ladies room, the hook and eye closure was easy to release but took a little fumbling to get it back together, which I suppose just takes practice. Overall, it was very comfortable to wear all day. Unlike several other brands, this panty girdle did not ride up, requiring all kinds of unladylike tugging! The lace around the rear is completely flat so there's no panty line.

Based on Leonisa's size chart, I went with an XXL. I really loved their simple size chart. Sizes change based on which level of compression you choose so you'll be sure to get a good fit and desired level of shaping.

This is a great shaping garment to wear for smoothing the yummy in a pencil skirt or high waist pants and I love the girly lace and pretty color! 

Disclosure: This girdle was provided c/o Leonisa for review. All reviews on this blog are my own genuine opinions. Please see my full disclosure policy


  1. Omg love this! Pretty, comfy , and it works! Must have! xox

  2. It looks actually cute! And the see-through back could mean sexy shapewear? Definitely checking this out ;)

  3. Beautiful color and fabric! I had some panties of similar fabric in college that I loved. Sadly, I am too big for them now. I am definitely going to have a look at these.

  4. Your completely right, most do not do the job that is required......I have a vintage girdle, but it's too small so it makes my waist look worse :(
    I do however use a modern MASSIVE knicker thing (obviously not sure of the name of this) that is shaped around the waist, so it really defines my waist under a fabulous dress! It's not very pretty though - Very Bridget Jones!

    Emma (Dear Thirty)

  5. Gorgeous colour, fabric and classic cut! This pink reminds me (in the very best kind of way) of melted pink popsicles. Lovely review - I'm so happy that you're pleased with your lovely new underpinning. It's va-voom fabulous for sure!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. This is GORGEOUS! I've been researching vintage-style underclothing and such, so I'm loving all your posts about it! I'll be looking into this; it's so pretty!


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