1940's pink sheer sweetheart dress with victory rolls

Pj had to work yesterday but as soon as he got home from work, we went to my favorite produce market that opened a few weeks ago. I love spring time, when the fresh fruits and veggies are ripe and beautiful. I've been eating vegetables like they're going out of style and those green smoothies for breakfast must be slowly paying off because I finally fit into this 1940's sheer dress today!!!

Lately, I've been eating with a "What would Dita eat?" mentality. I read her week long food journal a while back and thought it all sounded so yummy, exotic and energizing. I've been absolutely exhausted lately and I think the diet soda, fast food and pasta has probably has a part in that.  I'm such a foodie so I've had a lot of fun checking out health food stores and the global foods market for some exotic seasonings and veggies and seeing what local markets have to offer. I may have to share some recipes later! Although a normal Midwestern mom doesn't often have access to sea urchin and squash blossoms (except from her garden), a dinner of roasted squash with smoky sea salt and drinking fancy tea all day sounds divine.

vintage straw embroidered purse and 1950s embroidered flower cardigan

victory rolls with bangs and 1940's sweetheart neckline pink sheer dress

 I bought this dress over a year ago on etsy but when it arrived, it was too snug so I never got a chance to wear it. I could have sold it but I decided that one day I would wear it. It sat in my closet since I bought it until yesterday morning when I thought "I wonder....?" I slipped it on, zipped it up and resolved to not have a bowl of banana pudding ice cream for lunch, in favor of a spring roll wrap with carrots, peppers, zuchhini, spinach, avocado, and cucumber.

1940's sheer pink dress- etsy
1950's pink beaded earrings- antique mall
straw embroidered handbag- estate
pink Crocs flats- Famous Footwear