Last Thursday, the kids and I got ready and went to the airport to pick up Daffny. Olivia asked over and over "Is she here yet? How did she fly here?" and all questions of an excited three year old.

 We picked her up and since we were all starving, we dropped off luggage at my house and headed to Magpie's on Main Street, which is the best place in town for a couple of gals in need of lunch.

Bunny Moreno from Bunny's Victory and Brittany from Va Voom Vintage

They have the yummiest quiche, sandwiches, desserts and appetizers set in a beautiful and cozy building built around 1812, which was built by Charles Tayon, the Spanish governor of St Charles. At its construction, it was one of the largest homes in the settlement. Since it was sunny out, we enjoyed a corner of the patio. We devoured the baked brie, which has almonds, dried and fresh berries with bread on the side to scoop up that melty goodness. I had the hearts of palm salad with a slice of quiche, which is missing from the photo because I was famished!

baked brie with fresh strawberries
Magpie's Hearts of Palm Salad

After we had our energy restored, we jetted off to the local thrift stores. We hit 3 thrift stores in about 2 hours and pretty much conquered all three! I bought a whole shopping cart full of vintage dishes and Glasbake, along with a green pitcher for the kids lemonade and a 69 cent bag for my new camera. I really wanted something smallish but with a long strap and in a color or pattern that Pj wouldn't mind hauling around so that was a score! Here are all of my finds for the day....

thrift store vintage dishes
1950's vintage Cathay dish set

vintage green daisy glasbake dishes
 Glasbake is like Pyrex but often more colorful and more affordable. Lately, it has been cropping up all over my local thrift stores and I was able to nab a collection of casseroles and bowls in this pretty pattern for less than $10

vintage carriage silhouette home decor

blue pyrex bowl and vintage tiki mug
a lonely blue pyrex bowl and tiki cup from a Salvation Army

Next, we took the kids to my mom's house so they could enjoy some non-shopping down time and we went to see my amazing hair stylist, Nikki. It's so hard to find someone who knows how to cut a proper vintage style and she really knows her stuff! My gorgeous Rita Hayworth style cut, my Marilyn cut - all the work of Nikki. So, when Daffny said that her Latina hair is causing her problems and she doesn't know what to do with it I said "Girl, call Nikki!"

Bunny Moreno gets a vintage hair cut

Nikki, Bunny Moreno and Brittany in vintage 1940s and 50s dresses

Daffny's Outfit                            Brittany's Outfit                                                 Nikki's Outfit
40's repro dress- etsy      1950's gingham dress - Va Voom Vintage Shop           1940's dress- ebay
cardigan- thrifted                     1950's cardigan- thrifted                     40's repro peep toe pumps- Aris Allen
beaded necklace- etsy              baby carriage brooch - Broesj on etsy 
brooch                                  Crocs flats- Famous Footwear