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Today we were hit by one hell of a winter storm. We got about 6 inches of snow in just a few hours. I was nervous that our power would go out because last time Pj and I lived in this part of town, we lost power every time it snowed! Luckily, the snow fall has quit for now and the electricity is still going strong! I did enjoy the noise of sleet falling on the tin awnings and siding.

 Pj stayed home from work today with a really ganrly sinus thing. He doesn't get sick often but when he does it's like he's near death. I made these amazing sandwiches today, which I found on Pinterest via Ring Finger Tan Line . Pj and I both had the idea to add bacon, making them even more spectacular. I think all of that bacon and cheese made him feel better!

image via Ring Finger Tan Line
While snowed in with the kids and Pj today, I did a little tinkering on the blog.
 On the side bar, under the google friend connect is a new thing to subscribe via email, which I've had a few requests for. I also added pretty new social network buttons and some buttons down there for my frequent posts so you can see all of those outfits all at once, read my old theme weeks and all of that jazz. I'll be updating my tutorials page with my newest stuff and lots of little cosmetic things that have been driving me crazy for a while.

 I'm not even close to finished with it but it's time to curl up and watch a movie with some hot cocoa. Stay tuned for a few more changes this week!

Isn't that a cool old building across the street from my house? It's a church now but it used to be a school house back in the day and at one point was also an antique shop. You'll probably see more of it in the warmer months when I can get over there for some outfit pics!


  1. We're supposed to get about 1/2 inch of ice tonight. I am so not looking forward to that!

    I love your new buttons, its looking great!

  2. BRRRRRRR! I've just recently found your blog and love it.

  3. Love your buttons!!! Brrr its cold! xox

  4. six inches? that's nothing. i got almost 3 feet of snow overnight a couple weeks ago!

  5. Days like that absolutely, mandatorily call for a grilled cheese sandwich, especially if one is feeling under the weather. One can never go wrong with the addition of bacon, and you've got me thinking I might just have to whip up a GF version of this recipe for a late dinner myself tonight (it's snowing here, too).

    Sending tones of healing wishes your husband's way,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Sometimes it can be so nice to just sit inside while it storms outside =) Love the new buttons! Esp the links to old feature posts, I'm sure it will come in very handy. I sure would have used it a week ago when I was looking for your Notebook lake hair tutorial ;)
    I'm not sure you've seen it, but I've left a comment on a previous post, checking if it's ok that I posted a tutorial that's an alteration of yours. I of course gave you the credit of the original post and linked to it! (Hence my long search for the tutorial...).
    Hope it's ok!

  7. Wow, we lucked out, so far only about an inch. I'm glad your power didn't go out, I know how much that stinks. Blog looks great btw.

  8. Sigh of relief that you still have your power! I know I'm wishing for summer too!

  9. ..........Sorry, this made me giggle. Just a bit. I'm sympathetic, because I do realize that you're probably not as used to snow as I am. Hey, I live in a part of Norway that's many miles above the arctic circle. So I can tell you two things: when the snow looks like that and falls so heavily, it's not cold. Not at all. It's when the sky is blue, without a single cloud.... That's when it's truly cold and you can't take toddlers outside to play, even with the very best of clothing. And six inches... That's not much. WHen you get that amount in a few hours in the middle of May, then we complain.

    But it really looks lovely and romantic when everything is soft and white outside, does it not?

    -Ida Helene

    1. Well I'm not being overly dramatic when I say one hell of a storm. They shut down all of the schools, over 90 flights, major highways, business-even my husband's job shut down because of it. Mind you, I live in St Louis so 6 inches of snow in one day is a LOT here! Bad weather is all by comparison of the area's natural weather. If it was 90 degrees in norway, you might pass out from the heat but in St Louis that's pretty average for the middle of the summer!

    2. Oh, most definitely!
      I did say I was sympathetic, because I realized that we're so different. And 90 degrees......*shudder* That sounds.....horrible. This was the view from our living room window the 12th of May last year.

      And I am a little envious. You can wear light summer clothing and shoes for a far larger part of the year than we can.

    3. Oh that's beautiful!! Although in may?! Yikes!! I don't think I'd like that at all :( Our May days are really hot- usually in the 80's-90's and humid as a rain forest-ugh! It's funny, when it's summer, I wish it was winter. When it's winter, I wish it were summer. If there were a place on Earth that remained in a constant state of autumn- like 50-65 degrees, I'd live there happily! :P

    4. I agree with you there! I do like full summer here, although.... A lot of the time still calls for full-length trousers, or at least stockings or pantyhose....And sandals....Well, as long as the weather is dry enough, that's ok... But you cannot live without owning a pair of good rain boots here!

      Btw, have I told you how much I love your blog? I read every hair tutorial I can find, and it seems you have about the same length as I do. But mine is so slippery! Even bobby-pins fall out if I don't spray it with enough holding spray that it feels like a helmet! Any advice?

      *sigh* It's hard being the only retro gal I know around here. And I would be vintage, except... We have one single thrift store here, and it's not a very good one. Buying vintage over the internet - usually from the US - sounds a little...scary, I think. So, retro is what I'll have to stick by.

      But! I'm going to a burlesque festival in Oslo in March, so hopefully I'll meet more people with the same interests there...

    5. Oh, I know your pain! My hair used to be very slippery too, before I started coloring it. I hate to suggest it because it's not very good for your hair but maybe a tiny bit of backcombing with a teasing brush would help? I bought mine at Sally's here's a link:,default,pd.html
      I use it ALL the time for victory rolls, which really helps the rolling. You could also try curling it. If pin curls don't work out for you, maybe rag curls or even sponge rollers. I could never use sponge rollers on my hair because they make it too frizzy but anyway, if you try a wet set of any kind, use a little setting lotion and that should help to add a tiny bit of texture.

      The burlesque festival sounds like SO much fun!! We don't have any vintage festivals or fairs in missouri. The coasts in the US have a lot of vintage culture but not so much in the midwest :( Apparently, there's a burlesque festival in st louis every year. Maybe I'll be able to go this year :)

      Do you have car boot sales in Norway? I hear a LOT of the UK bloggers find great things at car boot sales!

    6. Thank you for the advice! I will try, most definitely!
      I have a curling iron that I use whenever I want something a bit more fancy then and there, but...not exactly a long-time solution, as it's both bad for the hair, and the style only lasts a few hours, at most. Even with holding spray. So sponge rollers will most likely be what I stick by. I will try to find some setting lotion and try pin curls too, but I refuse to get my hopes up. I'll also find something to make a rat of, see if that helps my hair keep the shape I want.

      Yes... I've never been to a festival like this before (I've worked three years at the local vikings-festival, but....easier hairstyles, simpler costumes). And Oslo is still some time away.... 1 hour and 40 minutes, to be precise, with a plane. Then it's another 50 minutes for the bus ride to the airport, then another 20 by train from the airport to Oslo itself.
      .....Fortunately, my cousin lives in Oslo, so I don't have to pay for a hotel...
      But I really look forward to it! To meet others with a retro and vintage interest, people to whom I don't have to explain what burlesque is! Oslo, being the capitol, also has a larger variety of shops than Harstad, the small town where I live.

      -Ida Helene

  10. Wow, those sandwiches look so good! I will definitely have to try those. All that snow looks so pretty, I wish we would have a GOOD snowfall here in central PA, it's been dustings here and there all winter with little to no accumulation. Very cozy neighboorhood. Looks like there are a lot of places within walking distance from other posts, on warmer days!! Thank you Brittany for a terriffic vintage blog! I have been a reader for over two years now and look forward to many more.

  11. winter storm... i do have to say that after today i'm ready for spring. Over here Kansas we got over 14 inches and we've spent the last 3 days trying to feed cattle and help neighbors stuck in it. we nearly got the tractor stuck too. My MawMaw lives in MO near Boonville. I heard she got arround a foot there. I gues it just depends on where you are. Dont get me wrong here, i love snow! but when you can only get around in a tractor and its too deep to go sledding... i dont know. Anyway, pretty soon it will be hot and dry and we'll be dreaming of it again wont we!


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