image by Elsa Lang
I had great plans to get things done today. I was going to wake up, throw on a dress, wash some dishes, go grocery shopping and all manner of practical responsible things. And then this funk settled over me and I was in an awful mood. I tried Pinterest, painting my toes...I even moved the couch to the center of the living room so I could lay in a sunny spot like a lazy cat but nothing worked.

 Then Pj said "You need to get out of the house." and I agreed. I thought let's pop into goodwill and maybe I'll find a pretty vintage dish for a buck or two. That'll perk me up.

 Boy, was I right! I found two pretty dishes- one Cinderella bowl in the Early American pattern- my first pyrex bowl ever, believe it or not!  Also a really pretty blue-green melamac bowl by Lenox Ware.

 *On a side note- what exactly is a Cinderella bowl? I often thought it was in reference to the pattern. When we got home, Pj did some Googling and found this excellent post from Javelin Warrior's Cookin' With Love, which explains that:
 "like Cinderella’s glass slipper, these bowls were the perfect size and shape for the American kitchen"
Now if that isn't brilliant 1950's advertising, I don't know what is! Read more on Cinderella bowls on Corelle *

 Spotted from the other side of the Goowill was this adorable vintage Swing-a-Way ice crusher, which matches my kitchen counters and tile. I don't do a lot of ice crushing but now that I have a sweet front porch with tin awnings, I think I need an ice crusher in my life for those summer days of sipping iced tea.

 The score of the day was this fabulous mid century book shelf for $7. I  have a perfectly empty space in the living room and we have a few boxes of books still in the basement from moving in so I'm really happy to be able to get my hands on all of my books again!

Nothing like a little thrift therapy to brighten a girl's day.