Finally, welcome to the first issue of Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine. I had no idea how different it is to write a magazine as compared to writing a blog. There's a lot more working on pretty layouts and much less writing but I had a lot of fun with this first issue and we're already working on March's spring cleaning issue.

 It's really wonderful having Bunny working on this project with me, to bounce ideas off of, to be there to tell me when I've lost my marbles and of course, having another creative brain to help balance out all of the work that comes with an awesome project like this. Bunny and I got on the phone last night and she counted down to three and I hit the publish button. Every step of the way, right down to the exact placement of text was a team effort. I'm the artistic brain and she's the organizing brain so I think we make a really great pair.

 Thank you to all of the people that submitted their photos, to Elise Moore for her beautiful recipe spread, to all of the small businesses and etsy shops with beautiful products to feature and to all of you for reading!

Please check out the Hey Doll! Blog for updates on upcoming issues and information on how to submit your writings, photos and advertising information.  We also have a pretty awesome community forum set up where we can all chat and make new friends! The Knit Picks page is hard to read, even on full screen so we're working out that glitch and will have the knitting pattern easy to read for you guys in just a few days!

 I hope that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed creating! 

Click to view Issue One: February on GLOSSI