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Last month, Va-Voom Vintage page views hit another record high of over 120,770!

Grab your February ad space for your blog, website or business with rates ranging from $10-$35 for the month. Ads sell out quick so if your ad size is booked, you can reserve for next month.

I've revamped my sponsorship program for the new year,  so sponsors get more bang for their buck.

   * An ad button in my side bar 
  * A featured post with lots of lovely pics and links to your products
  * Opportunities for product review post or giveaway (email for details)
  * Links posted on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook throughout the month

  * Over 120,770 page views last month
  * Recent daily high of 4,926 page views
  * 6,320 combined subscribers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinteret and other social networks

Ads will appear in the following actual sizes:

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  1. I'll probably do an advert sometime soon, but I hesitate now because this semester of nursing school is going to be taking up WAY more time than last semester, therefore may affect my blogging quantity and the amount of items in my shop. Just anatomy & physiology alone will suck out my social life LOL. I may wait until the spring, but at the latest it will be the summer, most definitely :-)

    And congrats on the mag, doll!


    Veronica Vintage


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