Bakelite Envy


This morning, the kids and the neighboring rooster woke me up about an hour before sunrise. I am -so- not a morning person but that means there's more time in the day to be productive. This week and next,  we're finishing up with the layout for Hey Doll! issue 2 and taking the remaining photos.

 I just put together a very funny (and quite relatable) article from contributor, Liz Walker titled "Bakelite Envy" with some photos of my bakelite collection. Here's a peek

Va-Voom Vintage bakelite jewelry collection

Hey Doll! Issue 2 comes out March 2nd- see the blog for more info and to read issue 1


  1. What I love in bakelite is those gorgeous colors... but what I dislike is the actual prices of those beauties...

  2. Your collection is hat doffingly incredible! Major (entirely good natured) Bakelite envy over it going on here, too! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh dear! YOur collection is amazing!!

  4. Oh my god!! I love your collection!! Totally envious right now!

  5. Okay, yeah, "Bakelite Envy" is an entirely appropriate name!


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