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As you know, there's nothing I love like a little love and support from one girl to another and no one does it better than Lexi from Voluptuous Vintage Vixen.

Lexi features beautiful vintage loving ladies with curves on her blog, proving once again that beauty knows no dress size.   Earlier this month, Lexi featured Va-Voom Vintage as one of her top blog picks!

In addition to being an avid supporter of the curvy girl, Lexi works as a hair and makeup artist in Paris.

 See Lexi on her blog, Voluptuous Vintage Vixen


  1. Thanks for directing me to Lexi's blog. It looks like a very interesting read and I have added it to my list!

  2. I'm off to check her blog out now :)

  3. I found Lexi's site a few weeks ago and have been smitten ever since. I adore curvy ladies to no end (I'm not plus sized, but goodness knows I've got more curves than a winding mountain road!) and was so happy to see a blog dedicated to this awesome segment of the female population.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely shout out my dear! Love to share the love :)


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