This weekend, I found myself quoting Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? when we passed through Mexico, Florida and Paris all in two days. Well, Mexico, Florida and Paris, Missouri, anyway! I take a billion photos of the scenery but to spare you the boredom, here's a peek at the interesting structures of each town. Mexico is actually a pretty big city and has some really amazing buildings, neat little shops and festivals. I hope to go back and explore it sometime soon.


 Pj's grandparents live near Mark Twain Lake and we joined his mom for a weekend road trip to relax and visit.  His uncle has a vacation house just a few doors down so Pj, the kids and I stayed there and enjoyed the quiet evenings and lazy mornings. Here is Olivia and her frog, "Haircut" checking out the lake.

On Saturday, I spent most of the day right here in the hammock by the lake, watching the clouds go by and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

After the kids woke from their naps, we went to the marina at Mark Twain Lake to feed the dish off the dock. They were enormous! Rhys and Livvie both loved watching the fish splash and munch on stale croutons and Pj loved petting them.


On the way to the Marina, Rhys loved the feel of the wind in his hair!

vintage peasant blouse-estate sale
40's crochet turban-made by me
assorted bakelite bracelets
Wearing History shorts-handmade by me
white wedges (Jolt by Sofwear)-Amerimark