On Sunday morning, Pj and I took a walk through this beautiful field of buttercups. I love these huge rolls of straw. I call them "Wheats" because they look like enormous frosted mini wheat cereal. On road trips when I see cows grazing, I yell "COWS!" in a squeaky girly voice. When I see these, I yell "WHEEEEATS!" I never realized how big these things are. Pj had to give me a boost so I could climb up on one.

The air was so cool and fresh and this field was full of beautiful sunny buttercups. I could have stayed here all day if it weren't for the scratchy, crispy grass from the drought. Although the local cows are dehydrated and the corn has only grown to a few feet tall, these little flowers bloom and thrive with very little water. They are small and look fragile but they are strong and they don't let anything keep them from blooming. Oh, to be a buttercup!

Vintage 50's parasol print dress- Vintage Arcana on Etsy
1940's head scarf- Donnaland Vintage Variety
blue cardigan-thrifted and embellished by me