You take the blonde, I'll take the one in the toybin


how to tie a 1940s scarf turban
Or as my husband, Pj always says "I get the blonde and the one in the toybin!"

Well, I had planned to continue my sculpture pin curl posts but the past week has been too crazy and my hair was in dire need of a root touch up. I did the bleaching yesterday and got caught up with laundry so while my hair is bright yellow today, I thought I'd do a cute turban to cover it until I can complete my dye job this evening.

It's summer, hot, humid and I will be wearing a lot of turbans in the coming months. I adore those huge colorful fabric turbans of Africa and the Caribbean and wanted to find something like that. Solanah of Vixen Vintage wrote a beautiful tutorial for an easy, voluminous turban using 3 scarves so I did that one today. I love it so much, I think this one will be my go-to this summer. Thank you, Solanah!

how to tie a 1940s scarf turban
                       See some other ways that I like to tie scarves on my tutorials in the navigation above.

Today I also wore my vintage/handmade diamond dress. It started out as a green 50's dress that was way too tight in the bust so I cut off the skirt and made a new bodice with this cute vintage fabric. See this dress again from my previous post.

vintage plastic heart broochred and green bakelite bracelets from Va-Voom Vintage blog

1940s novelty print dress and truban head scarf with bakelite bracelets plus size retro style from va-voom vintage blog

50's diamond dress- vintage/handmade
vintage scarves-thrifted
assorted bakelite bracelets
40's celluloid heart brooch-ebay
40's repro rug cutter wedges-Aris Allen


  1. Wonderfull dress, you look so nice! I love your hairstyle, too .... I've to try this.

  2. You always look so pretty & stylish.

  3. I love the turban! Might be stealing that idea, but in my case it will be to cover the dark roots while I save for another bleaching session!!! xXx

  4. LOVE the colors! You have such a great eye for colors and matching! The turban looks awesome! Cant wait to try my hand at it-need to collect a few more scarves though heheh xox

  5. i love this outfit! :) its so cute!! :) it reminds me of play-time in a way if that makes seance hahaha :) i love you head-scarf it look just adorable on you! :) and the shoes are just too cute!!! :) the whole outfit is just adorable! :)

    oh and i hope to see you on my new chat box on my blog sometime it would be so great to see you there deary! :)

    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

  6. So jealous of your fab turban. My hair is so slippery that scarves fall right off! :(

  7. Love the warm, punchy palette of this charming outfit. You excel at always looking so perfectly pulled together, dear gal, no matter if you're hiding your "under construction" hair or showing off every last beautiful lock.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I have virtually the same red heart vintage brooch - soooo cool!

  8. Don't you just love Aris Allen shoes? I have so many pairs. I'm always scoping out the dance store web site for new shoes. Your dress is amazing, as usual!

  9. I love your outfit and you look gorgeous, please do some tutorials as I'm addicted to turbans too! XxxX

  10. I like everything about your outfit!

  11. Lovely! Wish I would meet you on the streets dressed like that. I absolutely adore your sense of style! Lilly x

  12. Ah you look gorgeous! I LOVE that dress, particularly the diamond print, lovely!

  13. you are so cute, i love every single thing about this outfit!

  14. Love this outfit, especially with the punches of red, wow! The fabric you used is awesome, love how you turned around something that didn't fit into something so fab. I'll have to remember that idea in the future. The turban is great too, I fear my hair will be up a lot this summer!


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