Good morning, everyone!
 Thank you so much for your lovely comments on yesterday's post about body image. It's very sad to hear that so many of us have experienced judgement, ostracism and self conscious feelings regarding our bodies but it makes me really happy to know that so many people share my feelings on the subject and that we all stand together in support of each other.

 After having Rhys, my second baby, I decided that it was time for me to lose weight. I felt pretty happy with my body's shape but after I had my gallbladder removed after my first pregnancy, I knew that I wasn't healthy. I was feeling tired all the time. Having two babies made me want to get healthy so I would have more energy to play with them and a strong body so that I could be with them to watch them grow up and start their own families some day.

I posted about it on this blog a while back and was really shocked to receive a little bit of negative feedback on my choice to get healthy. After all, I started this as a plus size fashion blog so how dare I decide to ruin that theme by losing weight! I became discouraged and after a month or two of losing weight, I went back to my old ways.

Last week, I finally resolved to change my lifestyle permanently and I joined Weight Watchers online. My mom is a lifetime member and has maintained her healthy weight for a long time. In my week on WW, I lost 6 pounds! I'm back to regular pilates and I have more energy to do the things I love. Like one reader commented yesterday , it's not about vanity, it's about health. So, I may post about my milestones or new healthy recipes here and there and I hope you don't mind. I usually keep most of that stuff on my facebook or twitter so you can follow along there if you like.

In response to a few requests yesterday, I created a widget using my "One Size Fits All" pic. You can copy it and add it to your blog sidebar as an html widget. This widget is 180 pixels wide but if anyone would like a smaller one, let me know what size and I will add it here :)