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 Wow, is it really Friday already? I love being a housewife but one of the side effects of not working outside the home is that you lose track of the days very easily.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted on my Friday Fashionistas poll this week. The results are in and the majority likes lots of pics with a few fun facts. Considering the 10 hours I spent on my Amelia Earhart post and 7 on Marilyn Monroe (no joke!), I am quite relieved. I really do enjoy researching these posts, gathering lovely photos and writing it up but I often wonder, "Is everyone really reading -all- of this? Maybe a few facts would be better?" So, here we are- just the facts, m'am. Since many of you did read the long bios and enjoyed learning about these ladies, I will be leaving links for further reading on each post.

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{This week's Fashionista is my very favorite pin up girl : Betty Grable}

Born Elizabeth Ruth Grable on December 18, 1916

She was the top pin up girl of WWII and was voted "Best Figure" of 1941

She was called "The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs" because her studio insured her legs for $1,000,000 each with Lloyds of London

Betty was a sleep-walker and had a fear of large crowds

Betty and I are both natives of St Louis!

My favorite Betty Grable movies include Pin Up Girl and How to Marry a Millionaire, what are yours?

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