Blue Suede Shoes and a Bakelite Bargain


I've spent most of the week at home, knitting in my pajamas so it was nice to get dressed up for date night this week. We went out for sushi and a little shopping at Target afterwards.

 Earlier this week, I mentioned on my facebook page that I scored a bakelite bangle at Goodwill for $1. Well, here she is! This bangle is a gorgeous color. It's marbled green and teal but the teal is translucent when held up to the sun. I wish you could see how pretty it is in person.

blue moon bakelite bracelet

I also decided to try a new hair style today. I often stick myself with the same 'ol victory rolls. There are so many gorgeous vintage styles out there that I would love to try. This one was so cute, feminine and easy to do. Expect a tutorial with a pin curl set coming as soon as I can!

vintage plus size pin up fashion cat eye glasses and fux bettie bangs

I dug this vintage circle skirt out of a mountain of clothes at Donnaland back in January. The waist was tiny but with a few simple steps, I made it fit. Also, stay tuned for the how-to on that topic. I just got my sewing/knitting mojo back after a month-long slump but I'll do my best to take a break and get some tutorials to you sweeties very soon. I do my tutorials during kid nap time so cross your fingers that I have some easy afternoons coming up!

Oh, I almost forgot about my new shoes. I found these on ebay, direct from China. I fell madly in love with the cute little rounded toe, bow, t-strap and low heel. I bought a pair in blue and pink. They are true to size, extremely comfortable and shipped pretty quickly. They are very affordable and although they are cheap shoes from China, the quality is better than I expected. Not great...but not horrible. I'd compare them to Target or Payless shoes in the quality department. I can't wait for my pink ones to arrive. They do have a really odd buckle closure. Bizarre, huh? The hook loops around the buckle.

Okay, time to get back to knitting. Wanna see? I'm working on this awesome 40's bolero from Knitty Debby on etsy.

 I love it so much that I'm going to make one in navy and red....and probably every other color that there is! I'm pretty excited. This is my second knitting project ever and I have the back and half of one of the front sections done in two days. Wooo-hooo!!

 Have a lovely weekend and if you haven't already, pop over to enter my Shabby Apple $50 gift card giveaway, which ends on Monday.

vintage blouse-Brenda Sue's 
vintage circle skirt-Donnaland Vintage Variety
shoes-ebay from this seller
assorted bakelite
1930's beaded brooch- from my Great Grandma Alma
50's cat eye glasses-Dead Men's Spex

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  1. You look fantastic! Pastels really suit you.

  2. Would you say those shoes run true to size? I'm thinking of ordering a pair as well but for some reason US 71/2 doesn't exist for a size on any of their shoes : ( But the site does say to size one smaller for narrow feet. Hmm...they're just too cute to pass up though!

    1. I think they do run true to size. I usually wear a 9 1/2 wide to 10 and I ordered a 9 1/2 and they fit perfectly!

  3. Ooh, those shoes are too cute! And Kelci, I've got the same problem as you! I'm normally a 7.5. What size do you think you'll go for? The 7 or the 8?

  4. Amazing find! I love that light-blue color and design. Lucky you :))


  5. You look so pretty hun! The shoes are adorable!! I love it when you score deals! It inspires me and makes me continue hoping I may score some someday heheh xox

  6. Those shoes are adorable! I might have to get some too...
    I think that kind of closure is common with ballroom dance shoes. I'm not a fan because I find them too fiddly, but oh well!

    And the knitted bolero is fan-tas-tic - might be asking dear old mom to knit one for me!

    1. that makes sense! The closure seems sturdy but yes, very fiddly! I just pull them on without un-doing the closure because messing with that silly thing is a pain!

  7. Love the hair and the shoes are so cuuute!

  8. LOVE YOUR HAIR! and your shoes are wicked cute! Can't wait for the tutorial! Thanks B :)

  9. Wow, what an amazing find! Love the faux nags on you, it really suits :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  10. What an amaazing find that bakelite bangle was! Such a beautiful color combo :-)
    I found a little matching set of bakelite bangles at a thrift store once, for 99 cents each...all day long I felt like I'd gotten away with something!

  11. You're so pretty!Score on the bangle.It doesn't happen too often but when it does it makes me so happy to find bakelite.

  12. That's a great find and gorgeous colour! You look too cute :o)

  13. I adore your hair like that, dear gal! It's so cute, girly, vintage fabulous! Your whole outfit is charming and so sweetly summery - and you know, favoring pink as I do, that I love your skirt! :)

    Oodles of hugs & cheerful wishes for the week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  14. Ooooohh...pretty pretty! I really love your hair in that style :)

    And the blog is looking pretty neat too :)

  15. You look gorgeous, I love your whole look. You're one pretty lady! XxxX

  16. Great score on the bakelite! I love blue moon and try to pick it up as often as I can. I love the hairstyle too. Very flattering :-)


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