Thanks, Easta Bunny, Bok Bok!


 Happy Easter to everyone! I've been spending my "Not at Viva" Weekend celebrating the springtime with my family.

Yesterday, we had Easter with Pj's family. The kids hunted for eggs, ate way too much candy and played outside. We made a beautiful pear and gruyere pie to bring along.

Rhys on his first Easter egg hunt

 After the party, we came home, all took naps and dyed eggs before bed. We have never dyed eggs at our house before because Olivia was still too little last year. For her first try, she's pretty good at it!

This morning, we woke up to find baskets and hidden eggs left behind by the Easter Bunny.

The fun continues at my grandma's house this afternoon....more to follow, including pics of my Easter dress.
                                               Thanks, Easta Bunny- Bok Bok!


  1. That pie looks amazing! Oh my goodness, I want one now :P

    Awww, the kiddies look like they've had a great time. Enjoy the rest of your Easter!

  2. What a gorgeous day you had-so happy for you! Save me a piece of that pie...yummmmmmmmm! xox

  3. I made a couple of pies for my chocolate allergic husband :) Yours looks lovely! can't wait to see your Easter dress!

  4. Aww that looks like such a lovely weekend, so cute! You have such a beautiful family and that pie looks yummy! XxxX


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