Yay! I'm back from my blog vacation!

 Yesterday, my little sister, Chelsea and my new brother-in-law, Andrew got married. The weather was gorgeous (unlike this horrid past few weeks) and it was a wonderful time!! I got a call from her this morning, telling me how much fun she had yesterday. Now, the two of them are off to have a little honeymoon around St Louis. Here are some pics from the lovely day.....

Let Them Eat Cake!!
 Andrew's family brought the most delicious cupcakes! We had these amazing double layer cupcakes for the wedding party and a huge selection of other tasty cupcakes, many inspired by cocktails! I had a cosmopolitan and split a pina colada with my momma. YUM!

The Decorations
We made all of the decorations out of paper. I love to scrapbook so I had a ton of scrap book papers sitting around. I folded over 70 paper cranes, threaded on string as a backdrop for the ceremony. We also made these "cootie catcher" candy dishes, paper fortune cookies and used scrapbook paper as the base for our bamboo centerpieces. My mom found these little bamboo plants at a chinese buffet for less than $2 each and she ordered these paper fans from Oriental Trading Company.

The Beautiful Bride
chelsea's dress was handmade by me and her new sister-n-law, Lindsay styled her hair.
Something borrowed-my green bakelite bangle and something old-an antique bracelet from our late Great Grandmother

 More pics of my outfit tomorrow!