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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I know, I'm on blog o' cation still but I've been reading your blogs and I had to let you all in on some really great giveaways!

 The first is on my momma's blog.  She's giving away a whole huge box of wonderful goodies featuring her art but I must say, the most awesome thing is a signed copy of her new divination deck, which isn't even out yet! I have a copy and now you can too!! Click here to enter. Look at all of the pretties....

  • Voice of the Trees deck, signed and personalized to you
  • Voice of the Trees Satin storage bag featuring the Oak card
  • 2012 Llewellyn Magical Almanac featuring 2 articles and illustrations by Mickie, signed
  • Wooden "piano hinge" treasure box, velvet lined, featuring Rowan Fairy art, signed on the bottom
  • Triple Goddess full color tote bag
  • 2 mini pocket mirrors
  • 1stainless steel Triple Goddess two sided compact mirror
  • 5x7 Lugh of the Long Arm print, signed
  • Autumn Blessings garden flag
  • Priestess of Bast oval tile signed on the back
  • Rhiannon bookmark, signed
  • Thin Veil incense, this was a prototype package
The second fantastic giveaway is from American Duchess for a pair of their gorgeous 18th Century Devonshire Shoes. MMMmmmmm! Me want!!!

So, go drop your name in the hat! See you soon, darlings!

8 Responses to “Giveaway Alerts!”

  1. Love that want that! Now go back to relaxing!!! lol

  2. Oh, I want that Bast tile! As a crazy cat lady, that would be perfect! Please enjoy the rest of your blog-vacay!

  3. Love your blog, hope your having a lovely blogcation :) Now following xx Ava

  4. lovely things


  5. atme love the pocket mirrors! great stuff!

  6. ooooooooooooh cant wait too see what happen Dolls! I am so in for this new to this!
    I am new to this style but loveing it all!
    Stay cool you cute Kats!
    cherry Lee

  7. This is so funny. Have been a fan of your mom's work for sometime, never saw her blog and just stumbled upon yours - which I love, BTW - and saw the post about her give-away. Following both of you!


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