On the 20th, my family hosted a baby shower for me. Having babies so close together, we already have most of the big baby items that we needed but since there aren't many boys in the family for hand-me-downs, we were happy to receive many gifts of clothes and blankets that weren't pink. I had so much fun opening packages of teeny tiny socks and hilarious hooded towels. The funniest little outfit was the Star Wars onesie from my brother and Yoda hat from my sister. I can't wait to get a pic of Rhys decked out in his sci-fi geek finery. Oh, that's my sister, Chelsea in the pics with me!
The shower was a nautical theme. My mom made beautiful invitations with this vintage picture "Wynken Blynken and Nod"

My sister in law, Nellie opened her house to us after a last minute catastrophe at a neighborhood clubhouse that they had booked for the party. The house was decorated in red and blue streamers and little fish.

Chelsea made these netted bags full of Swedish Fish and star-shaped candies, tied with jute twine.

I wore my favorite dress to the shower. It's a handmade vintage maternity dress (a Christmas gift from Amanda) with little babies in strollers all over it. I adore the print and colors.
1950s vintage maternity dress from Va-Voom Vintage

1950s vintage maternity dress from Va-Voom Vintage

1950s vintage maternity dress from Va-Voom Vintage
 The dress has pleats at the sides of the belly to allow plenty of growing room for the baby bump. I love the collar and bust detail. Whoever made this dress ages ago did a beautiful job. I love it so much, I will wear it long after the baby is born.

Lulu wore her yellow sun dress, which I picked up at a festival for her the summer I was pregnant with her. The fabric is gauzy and light with hand embroidered flowers along the crocheted yoke. It was handmade in South America. I loved it so much, I bought one in white also. She also wore her blue bolero and white maryjanes. The only thing cuter than a bolero is a miniature version! She soon ditched the shoes and opted for the butterfly wing headband. I love how serious she looks sometimes! 

 Nellie makes the worlds most beautiful (and delicious) cakes. They're always the centerpiece of the party.

See what I mean? Uh-mazing!! Is that home made icing? You betcha!

Just a few days before my shower, I received a beautiful vintage gift from Emily of Livin' Vintage, who visited St Louis last summer. She sent a gorgeous vintage bed jacket for me, which will be -perfect- to wear while nursing and for the baby, she sent an adorable receiving blanket, which is very soft and the perfect size for swaddling. Both have been packed away in my hospital bag to use right after he's born. Thank you, Emily!!