This spring, we're planting a garden at my sister in law, Nellie's house. She has a great big yard with lots of room for veggies, herbs and flowers. She invited us over for amazing chili, brownies and seed-starting. The kids all loved sticking their fingers down into the dirt-filled dixie cups. While cropping my pics, I noticed that they had a method to the planting: stick out your tongue, poke a hole and plant the seed...look at those little tongues!

 With the help of the girls, we planted snapdragons, marigolds, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers and more. We'll be building raised garden beds and putting the little seedlings in the ground in May. I can't wait to watch the little girls dig in the dirt! These cuties are my nieces, "Booger" and "Stinker"

Lulu did a great job planting the cilantro until the end, when she starting eating the seeds. YUM! I got to plant the snapdragons, my favorite!

Today, was one of those "I don't want to get dressed" days so I wore my most comfortable, stretchy skirt and a snuggly aqua cardigan.

Check out my awesome new brooch! It's a vintage lucite "B"
which I found on ebay for a song. Amanda has an "A" just like it and I loved hers so much that I had to be a copycat and find one of my own. We like to look like total matchy-matchy dorks and wear them together when we go out. hehe!
vintage lucite initial B brooch from Va-Voom Vintage
 Outfit Details
atomic print top- thrifted, goodwill
aqua cardigan- thrifted, Salvation Army
black stretchy skirt- New York and Company
black maryjane wedges- thrifted
bakelite necklace- antique mall
lucite B monogram brooch- ebay