Saturday was my best friend, Amanda's birthday as well as the celebration for my niece's 3rd birthday so I got to get out of the house and party all day long!

 I wore my barkcloth circle skirt, which I made from a curtain panel. I love the colors and print and thought it would be perfect for spring. 

 The day started with a short trip to the antique mall with Amanda.  I bought this beautiful pair of deadstock pink gloves and Pj bought this vintage "Mother" necklace for me.

 My niece's birthday party was in the afternoon. She's 3 and loves things with wheels so we bought her a little pink shopping cart full of play food so she can shop to her heart's content! On the way to the birthday party, I started having my first contractions. *YIKES* Once we arrived at the party, I sat down and stayed put most of the time and baby Rhys stayed put as well! :)

After the little one's party, we picked up the other birthday girl and headed out to a fun, kitschy BBQ restaurant called Ethyl's in O'Fallon, MO. We were met by a bunch of her friends and family to celebrate. The food was delicious and the company was very entertaining.
retro maternity fashion via Va-Voom Vintage

 After dinner, we went to the bookstore and took Amanda out for some birthday ice cream. We bought a book for Olivia about being a big sister and had fun reading some of the other "growing up" books in the children's section...

 baby update: Oh, another baby update! I had to run to the doc on Friday. I was feeling a really intense low pressure like this kid is going to fall right out! The doc said I'm 2cm dilated and 70% effaced! He told me to try to get through the weekend to next week so little Rhys's lungs can develop a bit more. They expect me to go at any time now. I can't wait to meet him!!

Outfit Details
vintage barkcloth skirt- handmade by me
pink knit blouse- thrifted
black maryjanes- thrifted
50's deadstock pink gloves- St Charles antiques
vintage "Mother" necklace- gift from Pj
vintage lucite and wicker purse- Creve Coeur antiques