Yesterday afternoon, I went thrifting with Amanda. It's been a long time since we've found any vintage goodies at thrift stores so we thought we'd try our luck at the Salvation Army.

 In our shopping, we discovered that we are panty hypocrites. We are both freaked out at the idea of buying modern thrift store lingerie but we have no problem buying a 60 year old bra or girdle. What's up with that? It's all the same- someone else's used undies but when it comes to our under-things, we both have double standards.
 For me, I'll buy vintage slips, nightgowns, bras, girdles (including panty girdles in awesome shape), seamed stockings, vintage swimwear and an occasional pair of bloomers or tap pants if they're in really really good shape.
I won't buy any other kind of panties (unless they're in a sealed package) and I don't buy any modern bras or socks at thrift stores. See what I mean? Panty hypocrite! I don't have a reason or logic behind any of my lingerie choices, it's just a matter of what makes me feel comfortable and what feels yucky.

I've heard of many people who absolutely refuse to wear vintage under garments and I can totally see their logic on that. I mean, it -is- someone else's used underwear and no matter how many times you wash it or  boil it in bleach, it doesn't change the fact that someone wore that girdle and did who-know-what in it. I just try to not think about it!
I wonder, are there any other panty hypocrites out there or is it just me?
If you do buy thrift store undies of any kind, do you have a reason behind your panty standards?