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This week, I've been feeling kind of blue! It was warm and wonderful last week and now, the weather is cold and we have that oh-so fun "wintery mix" going on. So, I thought I'd perk myself up and get some housework done. Crazy, I know but feeling like I've accomplished something always makes me feel better. While mopping the kitchen floor, a note fell off the fridge and landed in my path. It was a card from my sister, Chelsea.

 Chelsea makes the BEST greeting cards ever. They usually involve some sort of inside joke between her and the recipient or funny movie quotes with goofy pictures. She made this one for me ages ago when I was feeling blue and I've kept it because it always makes me laugh!

The inside is full of Burma Shave quotes, which are -hilarious-....and vintage! Burma Shave began in 1925 and produced one of the best selling brushless shaving creams in the United States. The company advertised by posting roadside billboards featuring funny little poems throughout the US. The last road sign always read "Burma Shave". When the company was sold in the early 60's, the signs came down but the legendary jingles still live on! Chelsea and I die laughing every time we read them. Here are some of our favorites:

A nut at the wheel                           If you drive                                      In school zones
A peach on his right                       When you're drunk                            Take it slow
Curve ahead                                  Carry a coffin                                     Let the little
Salad tonight                                   In your trunk                                     Shavers grow
Burma Shave                                  Burma Shave                                     Burma Shave

If Honey shuns                               The Queen of Hearts                         Does your husband misbehave
your find embrace                           Now loves the Knave                       Grunt and grumble
don't shoot the milkman                   The King ran out of                          Rant and rave
feel your face!                                  Burma Shave                                   Shoot that brute some
Burma Shave                                                                                           Burma Shave

So, next time you're driving down the road and some jerk is riding your bumper, just ask yourself:

Is he lonesome
or just blind
that guy who drives
so close behind
Burma Shave

You can read all of the original Burma Shave jingles here. xoxo


  1. The only reason I have heard of Burma Shave is Quantum Leap! In the pilot episode Sam's character quotes one of those little rhymes after seeing a road sign. God the rubbish my mind files away!

  2. I totally relate to feeling blue this time of year; I'm soooo tired of winter and being stuck inside with bunches of children! I'll be so glad when I can open the windows and let some fresh air in!

    Take care!

  3. I've never heard of Burma Shave but loving it!

    No wonder you're feeling blue, it's that time of year. We had wonderful sunshine today but tomorrow is forecast a horrible rainy day again.

    Hey Lady weren't you supposed to be taking it easy not mopping the floor?!!

  4. How unfortunate that several of us are feeling blue. My last blog post was on the same subject and I cheered myself up by shopping on Etsy for cheerful blue items.

    I am old enough to know about Burma Shave but the road signs were already gone. Thanks for sharing the jingles and I will just say that my daughter was born the morning after a day of intense housework...just saying.


  5. Hehe, I read about these in a Bill Bryson book and thought they sounded hilarious - sooooo lame it is good! x

  6. Wow, those are great. :)


  7. Oh my goodness! Too FUNNY! I wish they still had road signs like that now.
    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  8. LOL! Okay, you ladies caught me "misbehaving". I couldn't help it, that floor was AWFUL! My husband shook his finger at me when he got home. I'll be good this week, I promise! :D xoxo

  9. I'm old enough to remember seeing Burma Shave signs lol... yikes!

    Hmm feeling unmotivated here too, but working on/in the house always cheers me up too. =)

  10. These are great. I remember seeing an old Burma Shave sign along Route 66 in the 90s. I guess they had forgotten to take it down!

  11. I love these! When me, my boyfriend and his family were on holiday we drove along route 66 and there are a few of the signs there. We also went into the route 66 museum along the way and they had loads of them up on the wall- so sweet, they really do brighten up your journey!


  12. Hello, I am new to your blog and spending some time on a lazy Sunday morning reading your back posts :0) I am always happy to see vintage ladies who are Mummies or Mummies-to-be. The Time Warp Wives ladies don't seem to think the two go together, but I do.
    Link to video here -

    I look forward to more posts.

  13. Hi, Hattie- Thanks for reading! Sadly, I can't view that video but I did read a lot of the user comments. I'm shocked by anyone who thinks that vintage and being a mom doesn't go together! I've been wearing vintage clothing every day since my daughter was 3 months old. I've saved money buying vintage/thrifted clothes and I save money and time on laundry since my vintage isn't washed after one wearing like modern clothes. I used old-fashioned methods of baby care like making my own baby food and using cloth diapers. Living a "vintage lifestyle" is very helpful to a parent. I think one commenter on that site hit the nail on the head when they said that the Time Warp Wives "haven't looked further than dresses and films" There is much more to be learned from bygone eras than how to do pin curls and look fabulous! Some of my most useful knowledge has come from my Great Grandmother's experience growing up during the depression and raising her kids during and after the war.

  14. I know what you mean. Sadly my Grandma passed away last year, but as a child I spent Sunday afternoons in the winter watching old movies with her and listening to tales of 'the old days', it has made the 40s and 50s come to life for me because I felt like I was there with her as she told her stories (and Grandad too, he was a POW).
    All the best


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