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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don't think I've ever heard a more true statement. When I'm thrift store shopping, I often find the most hideous things and then it occurs to me that someone saw this, loved it and bought it at one time so even though I wouldn't be caught dead in a silver glittered lame mini skirt, someone else thought it was fabulous.

 I guess I have strange taste because I am often attracted to things that make other people look at me like I'm out of my mind. Here are a few people and things that I think are exqusitely beautiful....

 Neck Rings- Body manipulation in the name of beauty is a taboo subject but I have to side with the Padaung women on this one. I love these gorgeous, extra long, coil covered necks. A woman with a long, slender neck is so beautiful to me. I've watched a lot of documentaries about the science behind neck coils, how much pain it causes and what can happen to these women as a result but I can't help it- I still think they are lovely!

Chartreuse- Is it yellow? Is it green? Can you match something with it? I don't know but I'm loving it anyway! I don't own any chartreuse yet so I don't know how it would look on my pale skin but I'm willing to give it a whirl. Hey, it worked for Betty!

 Embellished feet- again with strange body parts but I often admire other ladies well manicured, smooth skinned feet. A lot of people are totally grossed out by feet but I think they are interesting and can be quite beautiful if taken care of. When I was in high school, I was interviewed for the school newspaper about foot beauty because I always wore toe rings, jingly anklets, sandals and henna on my feet. I'm envious of dark skinned ladies- they often have such pretty feet!

Huge Hair- Not everyone has the confidence to attempt leaving the house with huge hair but I try it every chance I get. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's a wreck! I love the frizzy haute couture look of the 20's, the enormous pompadours and rolls of the 40's and even the exaggerated rockabilly styles of today.

In my clothing choices, I often fall madly in love with something only to find that other people don't agree. Sometimes I see their point of view and leave it behind in an effort to not end upon What Not To Wear. Sometimes I'm brave and I go with what I like no matter how awful the rest of the world thinks about it. Lately, I've been experimenting with crazy colors and prints so you may find some of my outfit posts downright hideous. And that's okay, I don't blame you. I'm just going with what I feel at the time and if people throw rotten vegetables at me, I'll learn from my mistakes.

What is beautiful to you that other people find unattractive? Do you live bravely with your own crazy choices or do you tend to ask others opinions and see it from their point of view?


  1. Love this post! Full of character and very interesting! I regularly think the same thing, I work in a Flea Market and things I think are insanely fabulous often raise other people eyebrows and definately vice versa ;) Which i think is great as that way there's something for everyone! :)

  2. I always do what feels right to me, i just cant imagine the sense in me doing something that feels right to someone else! LOL
    I find corsets beautiful. like you said, they are awful for the body. but the look of a corset is just so.....FEMININE. It almost has POWER to me. There are women who find them distasteful. Also, I LOVE CHUBBY MEN. Again, it's a taste thing, and i love them dearly. Ambercrombie hardbodies dont do a thing for me. Give me a funny, chubby, soft man!

  3. Seventies clothing, the louder the better. I'm going for all these bright, loud prints in my old age.

  4. I love that we all have such different tastes! I know exactly what you mean, great blog post. I do LOVE Chartreuse. I also don't like the hard bodied man, they totally don't do it for me either!

  5. Three cheers for guys with soft bellies!! :)

  6. Love the bigger men! (Don't let my husband read this)..Give me a funny, smart, active guy who DOESN'T have a six-pack (abs, anyway)...hard-bodies do NOTHING for me, probably because I wouldn't do anything for THEM! ;) I laughed when I read your post because one of my greatest fears is ending up on "What Not to Wear"! Stupid, because I don't necessarily agree with all their advice, and I'm sure my vintage projects would be a big no-no, and I don't really care all that much! Still...the humiliation of the three-way mirror!

    I also have a "thing" with color combos...I feel that red goes with everything, so I wear red shoes all the time. Also, I love yellow and red together, which other people find odd, and green and red to me is beautiful, not Christmassy at all! I'm also painting my living room gold with a silver accent wall, which makes sense to me, but my husband is NOT looking foward to it, although he had to admit my last living room decor of yellow walls with a red couch and green accent wall actually looked good! Love this topic!

  7. I was wearing vintage and shopping thrift stores loooong before it was a trend. Other girls used to sneer at me if they found out I shopped "second hand." believe me, it wasn't always the "cool" thing to do.

    I was always proud of the way I could get really nice clothes for only a few dollars. I developed my own style. The choices were amazing if you looked carefully.

    At times I wished I could afford what the trendy girls wore, but that self-pride and fashion sense carried me a looong way.

    I have the courage now to do damn near anything I want to, with no thought of what others think. After all, each of us lives our own lives, not the other people ;)

  8. 1950's; I so agree with you! When I was a teen I was always struggling to fit in, I tried being trendy and somehow it never worked out for me, I felt ridiculous and envied the effortless way other girls always fit in. Over time, I developed my own style, and when my future husband first laid eyes on me he said he noticed me because I looked so classy and ladylike compared to all the other girls he met <3 Yay to the retro ladies!

  9. I have to love the big hair, because that's what I've got! While I would never get a tattoo, I have a fascination with them!
    I'm always getting weird looks because of how I dress, the uniform here is jeans and fleece, but I dare to wear my vintage-bohemian-romantic wardrobe out and about!=)

  10. A very interesting post! In some ways the tastes of each influence the search for individuality, that happens with fashion, with the trends. I do not know someone with different tastes to me than my husband, we are totally different in the things we want, however we have been together 27 years. Hooray for diversity!!!

  11. What a great question! My coworkers lovingly call my style "slutty grandma" because I wear a lot of vintage, florals, short skirts and fishnets.

    Something I love is my nose ring! I've actually come across people saying it ruins my face on the internet, but I couldn't care less. My septum ring is here to stay :)

    One of my favourite fashion periods is the transition between the 1910s & the 1920s. Most people think it's frumpy, but I ADORE it!

    I also love flat shoes. I'm sure my outfits would all look so much more stylish, but I hate not being comfortable or not being able to walk all day.

  12. I march to the beat of my own drummer for sure. I prefer my clothed vintage and from the charity shop because I don't want to look like everyone else on the street. I have recently bought myself a pair of overalls (not a popular clothing itme here in the UK) that send my manager at the shop into near-convulsions. lol.

    I love quirky items and buy them when I can. I laways say 'someone's got to love the ugly ones too' and often give a home to something hideous. Giant Treasure Trolls, knitted Barney the Dinosaur dolls, miniature Yeti...all find a cozy home in my cottage!

  13. I love this post! I don't know if I have any special things I like, but I have a huge crush on those full figured women brave enough to do burlesque! I think it's beautiful!

    Miss K


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