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The snow and ice storm has passed us and I can finally leave the house. Thank goodness, I've had a bit of cabin fever these past few days. I'm experimenting with different lighting areas throughout my house so I can find a good indoor spot for outfit pics. Pj and I are going out for date night tonight and here's my comfy, warm outfit.
The brown dress is a super stretchy, modern dress. It's made of t-shirt material so it's incredibly comfortable for a pregnant gal (29 weeks!!). Also comfortable for a pregnant gal (instead of tights that hug the belly) are these thick, brown knee-high socks, paired with flats safe for walking on ice. I really miss my heels and can't wait to be able to wear them again but my joints and starting to loosen and I have the pregnancy waddle so it's smart flats for me for the next few months.
My totally awesome jacket
 Tonight, I get to debut my fantabulous brown wool jacket. I found this jacket at Leo's Old Clothes in Columbia for $20! It was loaded with moth holes but I had to bring it home. Pj goes to school at night (online) so I enjoy laying in bed, darning moth holes while he works on homework in the bedroom. Darning is my Zen. I don't have ever hole darned but I'm almost finished! Most of the holes were teeny tiny pin holes but one tiny hole will be gaping in the future so I wanted to fix them now. I don't know if this jacket is from the 30's or 40's but it had kind of a steampunk airship pirate quality to it and I love that.
vintage maternity fashion 1930s jacket via Va-Voom Vintage


Dress- from Amanda
knee-high socks- Christmas gift from Pj's grandma
t-strap flats- Charlotte Russe
vintage mustard hat- The Marketplace Antiques Columbia MO
awesome jacket-Leo's Old Clothes Columbia MO
vintage garnet choker- Creve Coeur antique mall
1930's airplane pin- St Charles Antique Mall


  1. Your jacket is incredible! The detailing on it is beautiful. :)

  2. That is an amazing jacket, I am very jealous right now!

  3. holy crap, you are soooo gorgeous! look at that little belly <3. you are a gorgeous pregnant woman. and your hair looks amazing, too! the color palette of this outfit is really nice.

  4. Oh my goodness now that's a coat! Serious coat envy right now!

  5. That jacket is totally awesome!!

  6. What a great coat! Enjoy your date!

  7. oh wowee. that jacket is wonderful. It definitely has a steampunk feel- love it

  8. I love the jacket and how your baby bump peeks out. Very pretty.

  9. That jacket is beautiful! I absolutely love it! I am not in maternity clothing yet but, I really hope that I will look this cute when I am. :D

  10. Beautiful. And the hat and choker really make the outfit very movie like.

  11. I love it! You look lovely, positively blooming!

  12. What an amazing jacket! I love it.

  13. What an awesome find! Beautiful jacket. Love your hat too. The airplane pin gives it that perfect touch. Wish I had family out here so hubby and I can go on date night too!

  14. That outfit is to die for! You look so great! The colors are perfect for you; I love a nice mustard yellow, but I can't wear it; it looks amazing on you! Enjoy your date night, I know how precious those are when you have children! I also loved the stretchy dresses when I was pregnant, I had one from Down East Basics that got me through all nine months, soooo comfortable!

  15. That coat is just fabulous! (It looks 30's to me, but what do I know...) For $20 who cares about moth holes!

    Well, actually I do care about moth holes, but haven't the foggiest idea how to go about mending them. I'm intrigued that you are so handy with a needle.

  16. what an elegant coat, it reminds me of the kind victorian women wore for bicycling and outdoor activities


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