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Wartime Make Do and Mend Booklet Download

Monday, January 24, 2011

I don't know if any of my readers also read Cargo Cult Craft but if you don't, you really should! Susannah, the author is incredibly fashionable, crafty, inspiring and hilarious!
"The Sabotage Skirt" from Cargo Cult Craft

I am so sad that I just stumbled upon her blog today because her "Fashion on the Ration" challenge ended on Saturday! In this challenge, Susannah spent one year building her wardrobe on wartime rations imposed by the British government in 1941. She sewed a lot of 1940's garments, but of course, her fabric was rationed as well.

I'm really impressed (not only by her mad sewing skills) but by her commitment to this difficult challenge. Many of us vintage fashion enthusiasts today often forget what kind of life ladies had back then and I think a girl like Susannah makes us all think about how lucky we are to be living in 2011!
 Anyway, Susannah has kindly uploaded a -fabulous- copy of a wartime Make and Mend booklet. It's a wonderful book, detailing many 1940's crafts (sewing, crochet, knitting, hat-making, etc) with loads of patterns, instructions, 1940's illustrations and photos and much more. It also has a lot of great information on caring for your garments and making them last longer. For ladies who want to learn to sew, this book has instructions for basic clothing repairs and hand-sewing techniques. I particularly love the section on making a woman's suit from a man's suit. A home front gal could easily clothe herself and her kiddos in high style with this book.  Head over here to be directed to the two part, free download. Thank you, Susannah!!

11 Responses to “Wartime Make Do and Mend Booklet Download”

  1. That's so awesome! Great download!

  2. Thanks for posting this just downloaded it!!

  3. I think I learnt all this from elderly relatives, you really get a sense of how important Make do and Mend still is to them. I think we have a lot to learn from that generation, we're so terribly wasteful nowadays, though I am very grateful to be living now!

  4. Fantastic idea!

    PBS has a series, one called "1940's House" and they have a modern family live for a period of time during a recreation of the 40's (in this case). This family is in England, and they experience what it was like to really live during the War.

    Interesting and insightful, they have a whole set of "House" shows with the same theme. I've watched them all! (They are also on DVD via netflix etc).

  5. oooh! Thanks- I love netflix!! I saw a show a long time ago about a modern family who lived in a house set in the mid 1800's for one month and it was so interesting. I'm feeling kinda yuck today so I think I'll look those up and see if I can watch a few today! :)

  6. Thanks for posting this! I've been avid reader of Cargo Cult Craft for over a year, but I had totally missed that she had taken up blogging again. I've checked in all fall, and now that I've forgotten about it there are new posts! Lol! So thanks for the reminder, now I'm going to get a cup of tea and read =)

  7. Hey, thanks for posting this, sounds like I need to head over to that blog and do some downloading! :)

  8. This is so cool and interesting! I would love to download the ebook but regretfully it doesn't let me, is it possible to upload this into an open site to download it? Or maybe get it in my e-mail? As it is all restricted right now with account requirement on wordpress and permission of the blog I can't even get into the web site to see it =( Thanks for the answer!

    Also beautiful blog! I've just found it and I am in paradise!

  9. Unfortunately the blog is protected and apparently set to private so no download for me. :(


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