vintage style maternity fashion via Va-Voom Vintage

vintage style maternity fashion via Va-Voom Vintage
 On Wednesday, every patch of snow had finally melted and I could see all of the green again. And then Wednesday night happened. The St. Louis area received between 8.5 and 12 inches of snow in one evening, which hasn't happened around here since before I was born!

I cannot wait for spring to get here so I pulled something fun and colorful out of my closet to brighten the day. This cardigan isn't quite finished yet but I love the color and feel of it so I wore it anyway. It's inspired by a cardigan tutorial that was recently featured on Grosgrain. Also, I'm really loving the maryjanes and socks! I've seen it done all over the place but never tried it. It keeps my feet warm, helps shoes to be more comfy and I love the fun, little girl feel of them. Expect many more cute socks in the future!

Thursday is date night for Pj and I so we dropped Olivia off at his mom's house and headed out in the snow for dinner and window shopping. The restaurant manager gave us free desert for coming in during inclement weather so we picked chocolate ravioli. It's a puff pastry full of melty chocolate with a warm chocolate sauce drizzled on top and whipped cream. YUM!

After dinner, we cruised around town and enjoyed the non-crowded mall and great parking spots since no one else was out and about in the cold. In our travels, I found the perfect fabric for a 1940's wrap dress that I'll be making soon! :)

We stopped at a video game store so Pj could check out what kind of games he can get for his new Wii and I met a 3 year old little girl who was fascinated by my watering can purse. She invited me over to her house so I can help her water her mommy's garden. She said that she has a little watering can that really works and I can use it! :)

vintage style maternity fashion via Va-Voom Vintage
70's Red and White Butterfly print Pinafore dress- estate sale?
cardiagn-thirfted, embellished by me
red and blue V for Victory bird pins- thirfted (FISH St Charles)
blueberry beret- Christmas gift from my mom
black maryjanes- thirfted, Salvation Army
Red Belt- The Vintage Haberdashery, St Louis
Red and butterscotch bakelite bangles- various thirft stores (thick red one, Christmas gift from Amanda)
Watering Can Purse- Gift from Grandma