Icing and Frosting:Inspiration from Winter


Today, much of the US is under a severe winter weather advisory. In St Louis, we're due for an inch of ice followed by a foot of snow. I love how the weather channel says that we will have a "wintery mix". That sounds like fun! A wintery mix of raining gumdrops, candy canes....and DEATH!

Even though the ice and "wintery mix" is yucky, once the sun comes out and shines on everything, it looks like diamonds. While the winter leaves me wanting bold colors and summer sun, I find a lot of fashion inspiration from these harsh, dark months. I hope you enjoy these vintage winter jewels. Stay safe and cozy, sweeties!
image from Joielala Photography  Couture Inspiration hair accessory by Rachel Larraine
 cashmere pom pom scarf  Sassi Holford White fur-trimmed boots by Salvatore Ferragamo

vogue knits

clear lucite purse from vintage martini 
handmade white wool cloche from yellowfield7 on etsy
clear lucite shoes image from


  1. Beautiful! I wish we'd get a little snow in Florida...:(

  2. Not much snow out here in southern CA either lol...

    Love the fashions, tho =D

  3. I'm supposed to get all of that wintery goodness after you do. :( I do detest snow, but these wintery white acessories are so cute!

  4. Lovely selection. I love the top picture, it's beautiful! :)

  5. You crack me up!!!! We live in Michigan, so you KNOW we are in for it too!!!! LOL We ran out and got milk (wich I needed anyway) and gas for our snow blower and generator, hopefully we won't need the generator.
    I love following your blog, you always make me smile. :)
    Stay warm and cozy,

  6. The shoes are so cool! Enjoy your wintry weather. I'd send you some of my choking heat and humidity if I could.

  7. Lovely pictures. The first one is simple stunning.

  8. Such lovely inspiration! I love reading about your vintage adventures =) I am a new mom (for the third time) and loved the info you posted about vintage nursing wear as well!


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