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 I saw this done on Campfire Chic a few days ago and thought it was a great idea!

I love to find new blogs to read and I'm sure that you do too. Enjoy free blog advertising and submit the link to your blog in the box below!  Please leave a comment telling us what your blog is about.

Next Saturday, I will randomly select one blog from this list to feature on Va-Voom Vintage. You don't have to have a "vintage" blog to enter.  Be sure to follow Va-Voom Vintage so you know if your blog has been chosen for a feature. Thanks for participating! :)

 *please do not submit your link more than once, but do feel free to enter multiple blogs if you have them!*


  1. Thanks for the linkup, Brittany.

    I'm a vintage-loving, plastic-hating, apron-wearing environmentalist from the MidWest.

    At Midnight Maniac I write about living sustainably, cooking from scratch, the thrill of thrifting and incorporating vintage into everyday life. I also post photos of my vintage/thrifted/indie outfits with details about where I wore them.

    Looking forward to finding some new blogs to follow!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac
    A lil bit retro, a lil bit enviro, a lotta sass.

  2. My blog is all about vintage, thrifting, diy, movies, transforming and altering clothes. Oh, and nail polish! :)

  3. Thanks for the link-up! I found your blog on the Vintage Network ning group!

    I love your blog! My blog is all about vintage clothing and accessories!!

  4. Great idea, Brittany!

    My blog:

    I have a mid-century home I am decorating in... All mid-century!

    1950's Atomic Ranch House

  5. Awesome idea! I've already found a few new blogs to read from this.

    Mine is based on vintage-related aspects of my life, including interests, collections and the area where I live. And occasionally photos of my Boston Terrier :)

  6. What a fabulous idea Brittany :)

    My blog is ostensibly about vintage fashion, but I also talk about old films, take pictures of things around London, make pretend outfits for the characters in my favourite books, show what I've been wearing, and so on.

  7. What a great idea! Thank you!

    My blog is a little bit random. It's about my attempts at learning to be a little more well put together and about my sewing (or attempts thereof). I like taking photos of the valley I live in and my wolf likes appearing in as many of them as he can.

    I look forward to finding more fab blogs to follow!

  8. Lovely idea but does it have to be a vintage focused blog?


    My blog seems mainly to be about shopping, vintage or otherwise!

  10. great idea¡¡
    my blog talks about fron now a days trends with a vintage touch¡

  11. I love this idea!

    My blog is:

  12. Hi Brittany! this a great idea!! Now I will be able to visit and follow new blogs too!

  13. Hello! My blog is La Ville Inconnue, and it's about vintage style (mostly), outfits, adventures, anything!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  14. Great idea! I love finding new blogs. Mine is and all about my adventures in sewing with vintage patterns for the plus-sized gal.

  15. this is a lovely idea:D
    My blog is
    it is mostly about vintage, my sewing adventures, antiquing, and movie/book reviews

  16. Thanks to everyone so far! I've already found lots of new blogs to read. Veshoevius, you may add any type of blog! I follow a lot of non-vintage blogs about crafting, going green, etc so whatever your blog content is, feel free to add it to the list! :)

  17. Great idea, thanks for the linkage!

    My blog is Vintage Spinster.

    It's all about the vintage stuff I collect. Housewares, clothes, etc.

    It's great to find a resource like your blog! As a costume designer, I'm always looking for vintage for the modern curvy girls.

  18. Thanks for listing all these blogs! I've already found a few new ones to look forward to reading. =)

    My blog, Vivi.Deluxxxe (

    is pretty much full of random ramblings of mine.. I'm newly married & settling down into my house in which my husband and I are trying to decorate in a midcentury theme. I'm also a hair & makeup artist and post pictures of the work I do, wether it be vintage themed or weddings. =)

  19. What a great idea you had!! Hope you'll find my blog interesting; it's mostly pictures cause my english is not perfect as I'm french. I like to post my finds on Etsy, i take pics of the things I try on in the fitting rooms...etc
    My favorite era is the fifties, it's not very original but I can't help it!;)

  20. Hi Brittany, great idea!
    My blog is about my selling of all things vintage, and my own wearing of vintage. I'm opening a B&M vintage shop in Feb.2011 and I'll be talking about that a fair bit too!

  21. Lovely post and a great way to get to know and update on new blogs. My blog is about what inspires me and gives me joy. A mix of vintage, rockabilly, pin up, decor and all things girly.

    Miss Rosina Lee

  22. What a fabulous idea!
    I love finding new blogs to read, and drool over some gorgeous vintage pieces.

    My blog is a bit random and it's just what is going through my mind at the time, with vintage flair thrown in...and cats. I have two who love having there pictures taken!


    Thank you so much for doing this, it's awesome!

  23. What a great idea! I know I will be scouring this list for new reads as well. ;)

    My blog is Peachy Keen (

    Basically, I'm just a simple college student and self proclaimed "optimistic-pessimist" who likes to talk a lot. Life, fashion, etc. Being a college student, I'm all about shopping on a budget and I love going to thrift stores. I also adore vintage fashions, though my collection is still small and growing (my favorites eras being the 1920s, 1940s and 1950s).

  24. So now I found a lot (tons!) of new blogs to explore.. Thank you for that!

    My blog is about classic hollywood films. Thank you for giving me (us) the chance to promote our blogs.

    Have a marvellous time! And please stay as divine as you are!

  25. Thanks for doing this! What a great idea. Mine's about my family and me. I do book reviews of all kinds and lately I've been doing a lot of posts about how to get healthy. Because I'm trying too. Not skinny, but healthy. It's an important distinction. ;)

  26. Oohh how fun!
    My blog runs alongside my boutique Vintage Amethyst but I like to post about pretty homewares, vintage goodness, cute buys & lots more!

  27. Oops! Forgot to say what my blog is about!

    I guess.. the random wafflings of my vintage inspired life, including, but not exclusivly.. thrifting hauls, the books I read, historical women who inspire me, the things I wear... all mixed up with my general life ponderments :)

    I say again - SUCH a fab idea!

  28. What a fun idea. Look foward to checking out everyones blog!!
    I am in love with Vintage Fabric and esp Barkcloth. And to justify all that passion I make the odd one or two items as the inspiration takes me.

    Irene x

  29. Fantastic list! That is my reading for the next week sorted, I love these kind of link-sharing posts :)

  30. 1 Average-looking Chap (!) Said:

    I say, what a jolly good wheeze! I shall certainly be exploring some of these blogs.

    My little blog is mainly a collection of vintage-related news articles culled from various press sources and commented on by yours truly. Lately more and more personal - but still vintage - wafflings and finds have been making their way on there. The title says it all, really!

  31. I agree, a brilliant idea!

    My blog is a mixbag that contains small snipets of my life, music and mostly vintage inspired posts from pin-up art to fashion :)

  32. What a wonderfull idea! I've got so many blogs to look through now.

    My blog is about all the things I love, but I try to not be to personal, and to keep to some regular posts like movie classics, movie costumes, editorials and everything retro inspired (:

  33. I love this idea!

    If you didn't already know, my blog is about my love of vintage and includes tutorials, outfit posts, and the like. I just came back from a long hiatus so I'm to get into the swing of things. :]

  34. I forgot to add what my blog is about too! It's probably mostly about vintage stuff I find thrifting or yardsaling, or modern stuff that goes well with my vintage stuff. I'll do outfit posts sometimes, and post things about old movies or actors I love

  35. what a great idea amor.
    My blog is about my cooking,Mexican roots,vintage boot sale finds and charity shopping treasures, oh and make up.

  36. Great idea! Thanks for giving us the oppertunity to share! :)

    My blog Deer Little Fawn is a happy place with pretty things, crafts, vintage thrifty finds, cute stuff and abit of general life. xx


  37. Great idea!
    My link:
    My blog is just all about my vintage side of life, I guess!
    -Andi x

  38. What a lovely idea!

    I'm not really sure how to describe my blog...I guess all I can really say is that it is as brazen as I am.

  39. Thanks for the idea, is good to find more blogs to share hobbies, my blog, sewing, basically, but also my adventures with all sorts of crafts, I have long focused on vintage fashion and a pleasure to find more girls with the same tastes.

  40. Great idea! :D

    Well, here's my blog:

    It's relatively new (two months old), and I want the focus of this blog to be on vintage-related things and writing. Now if I can stop fussing about the name...

  41. Thank you very much!
    Hope you like my drawings, and fashion illustration!

  42. How neat! :) Mine would I guess be categorized as vintage and lifestyle.

  43. Hy,
    I hope I´m not too late for this.
    My blog is about my style, my little treasures I find on fleamarkets and second hand shops in Berlin, about my life as a fan of 40ies and 50ies fashion...
    best regards,Evil Lyn


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