After a week of being suck at home, I decided to venture out into the big, wide world on Saturday afternoon. It was nice to finally be able to get dressed up again but my clothes are really starting to not fit anymore, with this belly getting in the way. Here's me at about 21 weeks pregnant!
 My outfit was a red knit top that I just bought a few days ago from the Salvation Army thirft store. The skirt was also from a charity shop and I have never worn it before. It's gray wool and has elastic in the back of the waistband, which makes plenty of room for my bump. I did easy blow-dried hair with one roll on the side. I wore a gold and pearl brooch and burgundy 40's style shoes.
  This past summer, Amanda and I went to an enormous antique mall in Clarksville, MO and I haven't been back since. Pj and I love to go antiquing on the weekends and he had never been to this one before so we packed up Olivia for a long drive to Clarksville. Olivia took a nice long nap on the way. The scenery is either very boring or quite beautiful,     depending on how you look at it.
Little old Midwestern towns are scattered here and there along the length of the highway. Many have excellent little diners and antique shops. On the other side of the highway are the railroad tracks and the Mississippi river. It all pretty much looks like the photo below the entire way there.

   Clarksville is kind of a neat little Mississippi river town, just an hour from my house. It's full of quaint little shops, mostly owned by local artisans selling paintings,pottery, handblown glass, antiques crafts, jewelry and home decor. In the warmer months, they have a few outdoor festivals on the banks of the river. In the cold months, Clarksville is home to many migrating Bald Eagles.  Just a few minutes outside of the sleepy town is the Clarksville antique mall and wow, is it big! It takes about 2 hours to get through the whole thing and even then, you never see everything! The antique mall is pretty much in the middle of no-where so you wouldn't believe what we found....VINTAGE!! and -lots- of it!!

  There's a big room loaded with vintage clothes and accessories. Apparently, the owner of the "vintage room" stocks a lot of fancy shoes and dresses so local girls have a place to shop during prom/homecoming season. She also sells a lot of older vintage pieces for the fashionable middle-of-nowhere traveler.


 I picked up this great purple wool skirt for fall and winter and right before I left, I spotted a pink knit skirt with the matching belt from the 30's-40's. It didn't have a price tag on it but the gal at the register said she'd just say it's the same price as the other skirt- $8! The pink skirt had a few small moth holes on it but I
repaired them within minutes on Sunday morning.  Olivia shopped too (as can be seen behind me below). She is her mommy's girl, for sure! She spotted these sparkly black pumps and couldn't live without them. She grabbed one shoe in each hand and made a mad dash for the cash register. Sadly for her, Daddy caught her before she rounded the corner. Poor baby! 

Here's me playing dress-up with a way too expensive coat and hat. It's cute though!

Another, smaller booth in the middle of the mall has the most gorgeous collection of antique ladies and childrens' clothing. The walls are decorated in lingerie and wedding dresses. They had a lot of amazing vintage hats!

I'm so in love with this 1920's beaded black dress!

 In the far back of the mall, it was freezing cold but I remembered a bunch of shoes tucked away under a pile of junk last time I was there so I wanted to go peek and see if they had any in my size. Amazingly, they did -and- they were on sale for 75% off! I hauled off 3 pairs of shoes in my size, in the box for $1.25 per pair!

                                                                                                      We shopped till we dropped!