Laundry? Dishes? No way! I'm talking about a bit of blog clean-up, which has been long over due. I've found so many fabulous new blogs to read, thanks to everyone who participated in my "Show us Your Blog" post. I wanted to add your lovely blogs to my sidebar but alas, it was jam packed with a bazillion other blogs. Blogs that don't exist anymore, blogs that haven't been updated in over 6 months, and not to mention, every blog was in one list. I spent 3 1/2 hours going through the blogs I follow and organizing everyone and now it's done! Off to the left, there are 4 lists of beautiful and inspiring blogs that I love to read (and ones that are updated fairly often!) Once the "Show is your Blog" post is complete, I'll add all of my new reads to the lists!  I hope it helps all of you to find great new reads also! Now I'm off to do -real- housekeeping! :)


  1. I Hope I make your list one day!


    Keep up your fabulous work!

  2. Nice to make the list too! Good job on the housekeeping, I need to do that in January when I have some more time on my blog and my actual store too! But I have to say your blog title reminded me I have so many chores which need doing before the Christmas decorations go up :o(


    Microphones are amazing gifts for little kids! Glad you enjoyed one in your childhood as well!


  4. I need to do the same, I have blogs that I follow not yet on my sidebar, and others that never update which I should ditch!


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