It's late here in St. Louis but I am too excited to sleep due to my new make-over. Fine-tuning the look of my blog has been an on-going battle since I started blogging. There have been several entire weekends spent yelling at the computer, cursing like a drunken sailor and ending up with a blurry disaster of a banner. I pride myself in my talents but let's face it, web design is NOT one of them! :)
Luckily, the gods of blogland smiled upon me and sent an angel disguised as Tia from VintageGrrl and she lovingly created my polished, sophisticated look. No more detracting, blurry header or ads leaping out into my content bar...and we can all thank Tia for that! (*Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!*)
Go see Tia and her other talents of knitting, sewing, looking fabulous and making me giggle!
Okay, off to bed....