If you're anything like me, your vintage habit can get expensive and you're running out of room to put things. Some of it, I rarely wear or use so it gets put to the back of the closet while I try to cram new goods in. However, I have recently discovered a new, wonderful idea- Vintage Swap sites!
On these forums, you can trade the vintage you don't use anymore for things that you love! Other members post an item available for trade and you contact them to see if they want to trade with you. Of course, you have to pay to ship and some sites have a small membership fee to keep the site running but compared to buying online or in vintage shops, it's practically free! Some sites have categories where you can trade all vintage goods (clothes, toys, books, housewares, etc) and some are clothes only. It's eco-friendly, it's affordable, it's fun!
If you don't have much to swap, keep your eyes peeled at thrift stores, garage sales and other places where you find vintage. If it doesn't fit you just right or you can't find a place to keep it, it's ripe and ready for swappin'!

Swap Vintage- Only 6 weeks old and in it's baby stage, SwapVintage has great potential to be the best thing since sliced bread. Spread the word about Swap Vintage. If a lot of people know about it, there will be more goods to swap! There is a 30 day free membership and after that, it only costs $5 per month to swap! Trade clothes, accessories, books, sewing goods, home decor and much more!! Post an item to swap today to enter for a $30 etsy giveaway!

UPDATE: Swap Vintage is currently closed but there are still other sites for swaps.