I feel so warm and fuzzy all over! On Saturday, I received another blog award from Tea With The Vintage Baroness. So, here are 5 things about myself:

1.)In my former life before being a mommy, I worked as a cook for a home for developmentally disabled seniors. Aside from my current occupation, it was the best job I've ever had! It taught me a lot about how kind and innocent people really are. I've always been a care-taker, so that's why I really enjoy being a momma...but I do miss my little old ladies that I used to work with!

2.)I'm a language enthusiast. In high school, I took 4 years of French and 2 years of Spanish. If I could, I would constantly study foreign languages.

3.)I love to drink blackberry wine and read a book while soaking in a bubble bath

4.)I can never get enough chocolate!

5.)My favorite flowers are snapdragons because I love to make them "talk" by pinching them at the base of the flower so they open their mouths!

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