The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is one of my favorite movies...well, as you'll find out, I have a lot of favorites, but it's in the top 25 for sure.

 It's the whimsical life story of a man who was born as an old man and grows young. Even though he was born under "unusual circumstances", Benjamin Button leads a life of adventure and excitement and finds love in a world where most wouldn't understand him. Co-Starring the exquisite and amazing Cate Blanchett (I just adore her, if you can't tell) who really does steal the show.

 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is sad and beautiful and mysterious and best of all, will probably make you cry tears of happiness in the end! I saw this in theaters and when Pj and I left, we had a moment of being speechless and then agreed that it has been so long since we've seen a movie that wonderful. The costumes were designed by Jaqueline West who designed for The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Quills and this year's Tree Of Life, also starring Brad Pitt.

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