Fashion and Film Friday: Mona Lisa Smile


Mona Lisa Smile 1950s movie fashion
Mona Lisa Smile 1950s movie fashion
Mona Lisa Smile 1950s movie fashion

Good morning, my darlings and happy Friday!! I'm so excited, St. Louis is finally warming up! It's supposed to get into the 50's this weekend, so I'll be heading outdoors to soak up some much needed sunshine!

Tonight's Fashion and Film Friday is Mona Lisa Smile. I love this movie. I just re-watched it last night. Mona Lisa Smile is the story of a bold art history teacher at Wellesley who changes the lives of her students when she teaches them to see the world through their own eyes, and not to judge just by what others tell them. In the days of the happy, perfect housewife, the girls learn to put aside the ideals of 1950's society and live the life that they want for themselves. Starring Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Mona Lisa Smile is one of the best movies to inspire women's fashion of the 1950's. From hair down to shoes each actress is straight out of a 50's fashion magazine! Michael Dennison was the costume designer for Mona Lisa Smile. Dennison also worked on Almost Famous (of of my other favorites), Chaplin and The Spirit (2008). As a side note, my beloved Tori Amos had a cameo in this film during the wedding reception scene. Oh, Tori- I adore you!


  1. I've never seen this movie, but I've always wanted to! It seems like such a great story, and the costumes look divine. I loved the costumes in Almost Famous and Chaplin as well. Maybe I'll rent this tonight... :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. I've never seen this movie but the hairstyles look fantastic!

  3. Love this movie. I'm wondering if you remember the large leather tote the Julia Roberts carries to classes in the film? I absolutely adore it and cannot find it or anything like it.

    Thanks :)


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