Here I am, waiting at the train station for my soldier to come home....

What's inside?

A ghost from long ago...

I see him waiving his hat!

Pardon me, boy- Is that the St. Charles Choo-choo?

What a fun day! We went to historic Main Street St. Charles to Frontier Park. Old, un-used train tracks run through the park. It still has the old train station and a few cars. This is one of my favorite picnic spots (and it was mine and Pj's first date spot!) I -love- this dress!! I made it myself and just finished it up this morning! For those of you who are interested, this is a re-print of a dress from 1948. It's Vintage Vogue pattern 2487, available at your local fabric store. And extra bonus for us voluptuous girls, the draping of the fabric is very flattering to the tummy and curves, it comes in size 6 all the way up to size 22! *yay*
I bought by first snood today and it really is the -best- thing ever! For busy gals on the run, it's great to be able to just roll up a few victory rolls and pull the snood on over the rest. I feel -so- glamorous wearing it! Believe it or not, I found it at a local costume rental/theater supply store for $5! They had mostly crazy colors so I'm going to see about dying one black but for now, red will have to do.

Dress- handmade by me Vintage Vogue 2787
snood-Chad Theatrical
bakelite bracelet-St. Charles Antique mall