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finger wave tutorial hair clips
Good Morning, my lovelies!

It's a very lazy posting day today because I'm very lazy. On Monday night, Olivia was very unhappy, so she woke up every 3 hours to tell me about it. Her daddy and I have stopped swaddling her so she's getting used to that.

We popped in to Walmart last night for sleep sacks for the peanut and these hair clips pictured above. Can you guess what's coming up soon on Va-Voom Vintage? If you guessed "finger wave tutorial", you are correct. It probably won't be up until this weekend, so check back later.  I have lots of great vintage hair and makeup tutorials coming soon as well as vintage craft and sewing tutorials.


  1. Oooooh! Looking forward to the tutorials. My youngest son also missed being swaddled but was much happier in a baby sleeping bag (perhaps the same as a sleep sack?). Hope you get some more sleep. xxx

  2. yep, same as the sack! My husband is sad because he took a lot of pride in his swaddling technique but I told him that this is a good thing because it means that it will start becoming easier to get her to sleep! Guys are so funny! :)


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